When doing energy work like The Body Code and The Emotion Code, trusting your intuition is very important because it can help you “see” things and find imbalances that you may not otherwise be open to finding. At first, leaning on your intuition can seem like a leap of faith, but with practice you will become much better at it, and your intuitive “voice” will become stronger and clearer. I have found that prayer is an indispensable tool that always helps my intuition to be loud and clear.

When you are working with a client and an idea or a question to ask pops into your head, be sure to act on it. You can always muscle test to see if your instinct is correct, and if it is, go ahead and work on that issue. I’ve always said that muscle testing is like training wheels for your intuition, and in the same vein, strengthening your intuitive powers is a lot like riding a bike!

I know that you will be unstoppable if you begin your sessions by asking for help from your higher power,  letting your intuition guide you and using muscle testing to confirm the answers you’ve already received.


Dr. Brad