It’s no secret that 2020 has been one heck of a year so far. Over the last several months, most of us have been feeling more stressed than usual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, in a recent national survey more than 90% of respondents reported feeling an extra measure of anxiety, worry, boredom, or frustration because of it. 

With school-aged kids going back to school beginning in August in many places, many of us could be more stressed out than before. We might be concerned about the health of kids and teachers — both physical and mental. We may worry about increasing cases in our communities. And we might observe a higher level of contention between people with varying opinions over what schools, governments, and families should be doing to ensure everyone’s safety.

This is where inner peace can help us deal with it all. We might not be able to change the situation, but we can manage our response. Here are some tools you might want to use.

Release Emotional Baggage

If you have kids going back to school, they feel some anxiousness over their new situation. Depending on how your local schools choose to handle it, your kids may have to navigate the following:

  • Doing school online
  • Keeping up with classes from home
  • Missing social interaction
  • Wearing a mask all day at school
  • Alternating between in-class and online learning
  • Worrying about getting sick
  • Fear over the pandemic in general
  • Confusion between differing opinions of adults
  • Being distracted by all of the above

Perhaps the most critical thing you can do for your kids is to make sure they are emotionally healthy to begin with, and energy healing can help. As a parent or other guardian, you probably have a good “pulse” on how the kids in your care are generally feeling. If they don’t seem unduly stressed now, they may be better equipped to handle the changes. Keep the lines of communication open to gauge how their feelings evolve.

Releasing emotional baggage or Trapped Emotions with The Emotion Code® could give your kids — and you — the best chance at weathering this storm. Practice it often to check for emotions that may have become trapped, and release them regularly. Energy healing may help eliminate negative energy, which could be key to helping all of us process emotions properly.

Be Informed, But Not Obsessed

When there is a lot going on in the news, it’s tempting to leave the TV or radio on much of the day for updates. It might be tough not to scroll social media to see what people are saying or check your favorite news sites every hour. Being informed is good, but not at the expense of your mental health. Here are a few things for you and your kids to remember:

  • Talk about the things seen and heard in the news or from friends. Misinformation or “scare tactics” from multiple sources may be common. 
  • If you find yourself becoming preoccupied with the news, take a break. Even adults may be drawn into fear. 
  • On social media, use the options to mute, snooze, or hide posts or people that are inflammatory or “set you off.”
  • Reduce the number of news or opinion sources you follow.
  • Avoid reading panicked comments on news stories that could bring you down. 

Take a Time Out

It’s critical to get a break. Simple overstimulation in school or at home may make it hard to discern what’s real and important, and what isn’t. Teach kids to be mindful and self aware of their feelings by stopping to think about their emotions, and where they are coming from. Make sure they know that breaks are not only okay, but necessary! They might need 10 minutes or a few days, but consider these suggestions:

  • Meditate: guided or self-directed
  • Energy healing sessions or chakra healing
  • Soothing music
  • Pray or communicate with your higher power
  • Take a nap or go to bed earlier
  • Get into nature: the beach, camping, even your own backyard for peace and sunshine
  • Turn off electronics: play a board game or go for a walk instead
  • Go for a drive together with the windows down and the music up — be carefree, if only for 20 minutes

Care for Your Family’s Immune System

Even with a pandemic, it seems surprising that more people aren’t talking about taking care of our immune systems. Eating right, taking vitamins and minerals (specifically Zinc, Vitamin C, and Vitamin D3), exercise, and even herbal supplements can all boost immunity and help us fight off illness. Knowing your family’s immune systems are healthy can bring peace of mind. Try using The Body Code™ to check your immune function and potentially find out what it needs to function better. 

Going back to school in 2020 may be a new experience for all of us, but these tools can help both adults and kids achieve a sense of inner peace despite the challenges.