We all have felt anger in our lives, but it’s how we deal with this most negative of emotions that determines what kind of person we are. Being able to release our anger emotions is not only very important to our individual growth but to our society as a whole, as anger has the ability to affect ourselves and those around us continually.

After an emotion of anger has occurred we can be affected by it for the rest of our lives, as it has become trapped in our body’s energy field. Work on yourself with The Emotion Code or Body Code. Ask if you have any anger emotions that need to be released. Anger emotions can be powerful, so you may need to process for a time after releasing them.

Another important factor, is to identify why you became angry, this could be your trigger for becoming angry. Once you can identify the trigger, visualize yourself overcoming it. Ask your subconscious if there is anything causing the trigger, if there is release those emotions too.

You can do this with any emotion that you feel. So what are you waiting for? Banish those emotions of anger from yourself or anyone that you know and love.

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