We all love children and would do anything for them. So let’s make it our goal to help our children from the very first instant they are born and continue on throughout their entire lives. We can do this by releasing their trapped emotions, their Heart-Walls and teaching them The Emotion Code and The Body Code.

Just think of how much trauma a child goes through to be brought into this world. There are so many emotions that newborns could pick up from their mothers, fathers, doctors, nurses, and not to mention the experience of being born. Who knows how these very first emotions will affect who we become? That’s why checking and releasing trapped emotions from babies is so important. And don’t stop there, continue to release trapped emotions from your kids throughout their development. In fact, releasing trapped emotions really never ends.

You know you would do anything for your children, so let’s start helping them in one of the most important ways ever, with The Emotion Code!