The subconscious mind is an amazing tool. It is fascinating to realize that everything that we experience in this life is stored in our body and in the subconscious mind. It is easy to ask the subconscious/body if there are general trapped emotions or other imbalances that you can clear, but it is more efficient to ask the body about specifics.

First, use your intuition or reasoning to identify areas that you feel need some work, then ask about those times. For example, if a time from high school comes to mind about an experience you had when you lost your job, you could ask, “Are there any trapped emotions related to being fired from my job in high school?”. Whatever shows up will be immediately linked to that specific event or experience, and generally there is no need to identify further information because it was contained in the question. You can work quickly, efficiently and receive better results!

Happy practicing!

Josh Nelson, CECP / CBCP