article by Charan Surdhar

Can we bless our DNA to better health?

One aspect of being happy and healthy is being able to make choices that bring us fulfillment by expressing ourselves creatively but mainly by making others happy. This was one of the results of a happiness study done by social scientists.

What does blessing have to do with this?

The word blessing does tend to bring up images of being blessed in a place of religion, church, temple and so on. But here I would like to delve further into the subject. 
A blessing is a good wish from your heart to yourself or another, without attachment to outcome.

It’s that simple.

I listened to an interview given by Pierre Pradervand, the author of “The Gentle Art of Blessing”, and he talked about making the conscious choice to bless every person around you, by doing this it can truly make a world of difference in yourself and in others. To me it was very profound, and yes, we have all heard about this in some form or another, but this time around when I heard this it hit home in a completely different way.

 “Pradervand shows that the practice of blessing has the power to create more than just a renewed perspective, it unleashes tangible benefits throughout your entire life — through your daily interactions, your life-long relationships, and in the way your approach your place in the world.” – Googlebooks

It got me thinking about how this can impact our health in a whole new way. I have, in many of my articles, explained how emotions are energy and how they can get trapped in our body, which is energy too. 

When we bless someone with joy or peace we are coming from a place of joy and wanting to see others happy too. It is only a natural outcome for us to feel good when we wish good on others, and the study showed this can bring health and happiness.

How does blessing do this?

As we bless others, without expecting any outcome other than joy for them in whatever way is right, we begin to have a vibration of joy ourselves, it is inevitable. In situations where you are angry or upset, it is possible that these emotions we are experiencing get trapped in our body. But if we can in that moment make a choice to bless the person, we instantly change our vibration, and in that moment the emotions move through us, rather than getting trapped. It is about changing our vibration.

What does our DNA have to do with this?

As an epigeneticist, I always come back to positive gene expression and how this can be achieved. When we bless others we instantly change our vibration, which then shifts the vibration of our DNA to allowing for positive gene expression.

But what I want to emphasis here is this:

Remember to bless yourself too, first and foremost.
 Bless your cells, bless your DNA, bless every organ in your body, and feel this blessing shift to all parts of you. Begin your day with this, and whenever you feel the need in your day.

We all have a tendency to find it easier to bless others first than ourselves, but being able to bless ourselves first allows for us to begin with that vibration and it allows for us to have more ease in our day with our body and others.

This is so vital.

Today, I made a conscious effort to bless myself, my DNA and my body, and this was the start of my miracle day. Maybe we can take it further, by blessing not only others in our day-to-day lives, but to extend that even further, and bless the hungry in this world with food, and the poor with abundance and so on. What would the world look like if we all made this conscious choice?

Here is a video that will help you get started with blessing yourself and others:

If you want more information on trapped emotions this animated video has more information:

Charan Surdhar
, Epigeneticist

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