written by Kimberly Dornbush

When I am working with someone who has many different symptoms relating to one issue I feel the subconscious needs clarity before a session. I ask in the beginning of a session if the question I asked is the right question to start our session out with? If I get a “no” I continue to ask the question in different ways until I get a strong muscle response.

Just like in The Body Code, when you find a broadcast message or a despair anchor, you need to get the exact wording to be able to release it. I ask the subconscious mind, “Have I have started my session with the best question for this particular issue we are dealing with?”.

For example, I am working with a man who has Parkinson’s and instead of just asking what are the underlying imbalances contributing to his Parkinson’s disease I asked,”what are the underlying imbalances effecting the part of his brain that is contributing to his Parkinson’s”. There is a certain part of the brain, that when imbalanced, contributes to this disease and by narrowing it down to the brain our sessions become much more effective and it is amazing what has come up during our sessions. The gentleman says that Dr. Bradley should get a Nobel Peace Prize for this fabulous work and I agree.

I asked before we started the session if this was the best question to benefit the session and I got a “yes”. I also asked if we should just ask what were the imbalances contributing to the Parkinson’s, I got a “no”. The more specific you can get with the question the easier it is for the subconscious mind to help you identify and release those imbalances. Once I balance that part of the brain, I then move on and start asking other questions that pertain to his Parkinson’s and see where the subconscious takes me.

As a certified Law of Attraction life coach I have learned that the more specific you can be the easier it is for the universe to help you. So if you are working on something that has many different aspects to it be sure to get clarity before starting your session. I believe you get quicker results this way because your clients feel more confident in the process and in you.

I trust the process and know that the higher self knows exactly what needs to be said, or done, to help the person heal.

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