Inpiration with Emotion Code and Dr. Brad

I’ve always felt that my mission in life was to help others. I love getting to know people, connecting with them, and helping them to overcome whatever struggles they may be facing.  Dr. Nelson has always been an inspiration and a guide to me in my journey to becoming a healer. Working as one of his practitioners has been a dream come true.

In 2004 Dr. Nelson shared his experience with me about when he was trying to decide whether or not to go to chiropractic school. Because he felt it was a sacred calling to be a healer, he pursued this course which eventually lead him down the road that brought all of us The Emotion and Body Code. In that year I was managing a fitness center and was working as a personal trainer helping people achieve better health through exercising and eating right. It was deeply satisfying and cemented my desire to help people achieve better health.

I remember working with a client who came in one day deeply stressed. Upon inquiring he mentioned that his 5 year old daughter wouldn’t eat due to severe health issues. He and his family were very worried about her and had been trying everything that they could. Their little girl had been sick most of her life, been seen by multiple doctors, had undergone many surgeries, and recently had her adenoids removed. Through intuition and my background in nutrition, I recommended child probiotics to see if that would help. It was so touching when he later reported back to me that after using the probiotics her appetite had returned, bowels had normalized, and her health had improved dramatically. He was extremely grateful. This experience further reinforced my desire to be a healer.

One of my favorite quotes is by Wallace D. Wattles, “Every desire is the effort of an unexpressed possibility to come into action”. You may need to ponder this to really let it sink in, but it means that having the desire to be a healer, or anything else in life, proves that you have that potential. The desire is the manifestation of your great potential trying to be unleashed.

Thanks to Dr. Nelson, each of us now has the tools to unleash our inner healing capacity, become a healer, and change the world one person at a time.  All we need is the desire.

– Josh Nelson, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner