I was recently invited by a close friend to offer the keynote address at the American Society Of Dowsers Annual Convention. I had heard of dowsing before. When I was a boy, I remember a man that my father knew who was a dowser. He was an older man who was highly respected for his unique ability to find the exact location where a water well could be dug. Our family was also acquainted with a family in Canada who owned a very large ranch. They suspected that there might be oil on their land, so they contacted a dowser. This Canadian family is still living off of the income from the oil wells that were drilled.
My wife and I were persuaded to attend the class on dowsing, which lasted for two days. To my surprise, I learned that we have actually been practicing “device-less dowsing” all of these years, by using all the various methods of muscle testing that we have used and taught to so many people. Being so intimately familiar with various forms of muscle testing, it was absolutely fascinating to see the same answers coming through the various devices that dowsers use. Probably the most common instrument that dowsers use is a simple pendulum. Answers may manifest differently from one person to another, but typically a pendulum will swing from left to right for “no” and front to back for “yes.” For most people, the pendulum will swing in a circle if the answer is “maybe.”
My personal favorite dowsing device is called a “bobber.” This consists of a wooden handle about 5 inches long, with a coiled copper wire coming out of one end, and extending about 18 inches or so, ending in a small wooden ball. This is an extremely sensitive device, that magnifies the subtle changes in energy and muscle tone that are occurring in the human body. The human body is the most sensitive device that we know of, far more sensitive than any human instrument, and a device like the bobber simply magnifies those subtle changes in the body.
We learned how to test for underground water, how to ask specifically for not only the location of a well, but also to hold the specific intention so that we might get the preferred amount of gallons per minute, quality of water, and more. We also learned how it’s possible to dowse from a distance, simply using a map.
In precisely the same way that muscle testing is not 100% accurate, neither is dowsing. They work the same way, so it’s a very important to have a very clear intention of what it is you’re asking for, as well as an absence of interest in the outcome, since it’s very easy to sway the outcome to what your secret wishes may be. I believe that it’s also critically important to pray and ask for help in dowsing, as well as in muscle testing. The last thing you want to do is be misled. God, or the higher power, has all the answers. Dowsing, just like muscle testing, helps us to tap in to that information, and as long as we’re using appropriately, to help others, the answers should be good.
It was amazing to me how well all of this information dovetails with all of the work that I have been practicing and teaching for all of these years. My wife and I are now trained dowsers, and we have the certificates to prove it. I should also add how wonderful the dowsing community is! I don’t think that you will find a more sincere, kind and loving group of people anywhere else on the planet. It was a great honor for me to attend!
~ Dr. Brad