You are an energetic being because you are literally made of energy. Sarah Petruno, an academic scientist explains how this is possible. “As humans, we are made up of particles. Of elements, of compounds, of molecules, of protons, of electrons, of neutrons, of quarks – we are made up of millions and billions of tiny particles, as defined in physics and chemistry. We are matter, and matter is made up of elemental, atomic particles…if you were to keep stripping down each particle you would find they are made completely of energy.” Your physical body is made entirely of energy.

The space between you and others around you is filled with energy. Different energies can become connected and influence each other. Quantum physicists call this phenomena quantum entanglement. You are connected to other people in ways that you cannot see and one of those ways is through energetic cords. Sara Petruno uses quantum entanglement to support the existence of this connection when she describes energetic cords as “a link between two groups of particles (humans, for example), and allows these two individuals, once connected in some way to remain connected, and impact the actions, behaviors, and feelings of the other.” In The Body Code created by Dr Bradley Nelson, we often find energetic connections that we call cords.

One early cord you experience in life is a physical one: your umbilical. This is obviously a life sustaining cord that you rely on until the moment you are born. A snip of the umbilical cord is what created a physical separation between you and your mother. Since then, you have been creating energetic connections with others around you. Hopefully these connections result in loving and supportive energetic cords that allow love to flow between you and the person you attach to. Energetic cords generally form because of your desire to love and be loved. They may also form to help you receive what your subconscious feels you need to sustain yourself.

Healthy cords are created subconsciously and received with loving intent. Heart-to-heart connections that result in a cord between people who love one another are emotionally sustaining, similarly to how your umbilical cord was physically sustaining to your body as it was developing. Usually the first energetic cord you have after birth is with your mother or your primary nurturer because they love and take care of you. Parents and children need heart-to-heart connections and often form cords to each other.

Debora D. Grey, author of Attaching in Adoption, Practical Tools for Today’s Parents writes about these connections as attachments. “…first attachments form the operating beliefs in children’s personalities. Infant attachments yield lifelong templates for intimate relationships, emotional awareness, social interactions, and self-acceptance.” She goes on to say that attachments based on mistrust or creating unhealthy attachments can result in a child growing up to “have a desperate sadness to them that they rarely express.” They do not have any connections that give them the feeling of being loved, supported or cared for.

Cords and attachments can be created between various family members such as fathers, siblings, grandparents and others because of the significant connection that we feel in those relationships. As we grow, we might form cords to care givers, teachers, spouses, our children, friends and God. You might initiate a cord with another person or someone else might attach to you. Some of these cords will be loving, supportive and healthy because they were created with pure and positive intent. You’ll want to keep those connections as they enable you to share love and develop meaningful friendships.

It is possible to for someone to connect to you with a cord even if you have just met once. Cords that are made without a real relationship are more likely to be self-serving and lacking pure intent. For instance, if you are seen as a person who has something valuable that someone else wants or needs, they may attach to you and drain your energy hoping to get what they want. It’s likely for them to make a connection like this without really understanding what they are doing. People who are seeking support are not usually doing so with real malice. They could be reaching out for help, feeling desperate or fearful because they don’t trust in the process of life and perceive you as a source of strength. They could be self-centered and unaware of any harm they might cause to you by attaching. Negative results of an attachment like this happen when they drain your energy, leaving you feeling depleted and down. If you have ever been in a relationship where you felt “tied down”, or you thought you should “cut the ties” to someone that you don’t think means well, you may be sensing a negative cord.

Healthy cords can become unhealthy over time as relationships deteriorate and become toxic, as happens so often in difficult and unhealthy marriages. Often the heart-to-heart connection literally takes a downward turn and is more of a gut-to-gut connection where the couple involved give each other a lot of negativity, essentially “crap”. These cords can change and become healthy if the partners want to repair the relationship and make a conscious effort to create a heart-centered connection again.

Losses such as being given up for adoption, losing an important friendship or family relationship, a romantic break-up, a divorce or the death of a loved one can result in cords having problems. Emotionally charged events like these can cause a healthy cord to be damaged or cut, leaving you dangling without support. When the cord remains attached but the relationship becomes unhealthy, it sometimes becomes a detrimental connection and it might be best to move, repair, or let the cord go. The Body Code can help identify unhealthy cords and through appropriate testing, the needed solutions can be discovered to facilitate healing.

I once had the pleasure of working with a family that had recently adopted a young adolescent. This child seemed happy enough in his new home but the mother felt he wasn’t fully connecting to the family. After doing some testing using The Body Code we found there were unhealthy cords that needed to be removed, which we did. Among them were cords to the birth mother and father, caregivers at the orphanage, and to a couple who had adopted the young child temporarily. These cords were no longer healthy and were interfering with the child’s ability to connect to his new family. While it’s not common to install cords, in this case we did, as that’s what he needed to form loving connections with his new family. We tested to determine what would be appropriate and intentionally created loving and supportive cords between the adoptive parents and the child. These were made lovingly in accordance with this child’s healing and highest good. After a couple of months the mother reported that he now seemed to be a typical kid, connected and behaving just like her other children.

In Parenting, Patty Onderko, writes about “Groundbreaking new parenting research (which) shows that a strong emotional attachment between a mother and her baby may help prevent diseases, boost immunity, and enhance a child’s IQ.” Healthy cords are very important to your health and well-being. The Body Code is an effective and efficient way to find and remove unhealthy cords or make repairs. Creating normal heart-to-heart connections that allow love to flow between family members and loved ones is enriching in many ways. Healthy connections are no less than vital.

~ Renee Murphy, CECP, CBCP, Wellness Home Wisconsin
Mentored by Dr. Bradley Nelson and the HealersLibrary Team
Edited by Jean Nelson

Renee Head Shot 1Renee Murphy has been a certified Emotion Code Practitioner since April, 2009; and a Certified Body Code Practitioner since December, 2010. Renee promotes, “total wellness though balanced living.”

The struggle of daily life — pressures from work or school, concerns about family, illness (be it yours or a loved one’s, even your pet’s), all can lead to a life thrown out of balance, a life that leaves you wanting more. Feeling unhappy with some aspect of our lives is the number one challenge we all face. There is no challenge to big or too small to be a hindrance to you and your life. Renée enjoys helping people who are having challenges in their lives overcome their obstacles.

Renée believes that total wellness depends on finding joy in having a healthy body, a healthy mind, having healthy relationships with your family, and a healthy position in society. Being healthy means being able to accomplish everything you want to do in life. Living a life of have rather than have not.

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