Hay fever is described in wikipedia as “…caused by pollens of any plants, it is called pollinosis, and, if specifically caused by grass pollens, it is known as hay fever. While symptoms resembling a cold or flu can be produced by an allergic reaction to pollen from plants and grasses, including those used to make hay, it does not cause a fever.”

Is sounds so harmless doesn’t it? And yet hay fever is a very chronic condition that impacts so many on this planet. It has always baffled me as to why we create an immune attack on our environment and in this case pollen in our bodies. As I have a few people in my family who suffer from hay fever, it was something that I have continued to explore with The Body Code in order to help them overcome their reactions. I believe it is possible to be relieved of these symptoms. I want to share what my explorations have revealed and the importance of the source of my inspiration.

Today, as I was taking a walk in the fields, I was pondering the question about how to approach the subconscious mind in a way that would allow the immune system to relax and realize that the body is not being attacked but instead can relax. Because how do we go from not having hay fever to developing it? There has to be a trigger. I had explored this in many ways with my clients who had hay fever. Today it was interesting that this line of inquiry brought up a question in a way that I had never asked the subconscious mind. It was extremely simple – as amazing things and life tend to be.

First, I would like to explain how the immune system works and how it gets triggered.

HPA axis, the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal glands
When we are exposed to any thing in our environment, the hypothalamus picks up the information and relays it to the pituitary and  adrenal glands. If it is perceived as safe, the body’s immune system doesn’t react, but if it isn’t then the body charges forward with an immune attack, and this is what happens with hay fever.

So what is it that creates this response to pollen?
When we are experiencing events in our lives that have a heightened emotional response the stress in the body becomes elevated,and triggers the HPA axis to create more stress hormones. My belief is that if this response happens when pollen is around it can be associated by the body as part of the trigger. When the next season comes the body responds in the same way but without the emotional trigger being present, as that is now a memory in the body.

How is it possible to remind the body that it is safe and to break this association?
Not only was this what I had been pondering on my walk but for also for many days as I had seen my family members experience these symptoms. 

Here is what came to me:
 “Is the hypothalamus feeling safe?”. 
As I have said, I had looked at this from many angles but never from this perspective, and the subconscious mind is really a strange place, as you have to be specific with your questioning in order to access the information. 
I began to play with this question with my family, and it was interesting what came up to be released using The Body Code. The triggers happened around the time that they had developed hay fever, which wasn’t surprising, but what I want to share is the way to ask the questions so it can be measured:

“Is the hypothalamus feeling safe
If you get a NO, then ask what % is it feeling safe
Once that is identified work on why it isn’t feeling safe, clearing whatever comes up.

Now ask, “At what % is the hypothalamus feeling safe?”
I look forward to playing with this further, but I felt it important to share this information as there are so many people that do suffer from hay fever, and knowing that it may be possible to move out of this immune response to the environment can change lives drastically.

– Written By: Charan Surdhar
, Epigeneticist

Here is a video that explains the body code system:

Meditation is also a great way to soothe the nervous system, here is one called DNA Blessing Mediation: