By Margo Mae, DiscoverHealing Staff

You know right where your workout clothes are. They’re gathering dust on the treadmill that was your New Year’s resolution. Right next to that book on conversational Italian that was last year’s resolution.

It wasn’t long ago that we eagerly counted down the seconds to the New Year. Many of us resolved to be better, healthier, or more accomplished in the year to come. The future seemed full of promise.

But now it’s March, and that fresh start seems as mucky as last month’s new-fallen snow.

If you’re struggling with your New Year’s Resolution—or have given up altogether—take heart. Now is the perfect time to reset your resolution for a more abundant 2016.

Review: Go over your New Year’s resolutions. Are they still meaningful, or has something else taken its place? That trendy diet may no longer be as important as spending quality time with your kids.

Revise: If you like your resolution but are struggling to keep it, implement smaller goals to help you on your way. That marathon is still a great idea—but start with a reasonable jogging routine. Accomplishing little victories will motivate you to keep working towards your goal.

Release: Check yourself using The Emotion Code to see if you have any Trapped Emotions blocking you from moving forward with your goal and sabotaging your resolution. The Emotion Code will reveal emotional baggage from past events that are actually affecting present time. Release the baggage of the past to live completely in the present!

Reset: You can’t really turn back the clock, but you can reset your thinking. Forget about past struggles and envision all the potential the year still holds. Once you’ve reset your resolution, celebrate your recommitment with a healthy reward. After all, improving yourself is fun!

As the chill of winter slowly melts into spring, let it serve as a reminder that it’s never too late to review, revise, release and reset. It may be several weeks after New Year’s Eve, but you still have plenty of time to be your best self.

Who cares what time it is? Make 2016 your most abundant year yet!

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