What do you say to a loved one that doesn’t believe in energy work?

Dr. Brad posed this question to his fans on HealersLibrary.com and boy did they ever answer! We’ve posted some of our favorite thoughts, if you would like to share any thoughts as well, please leave a comment.

Randy T.
Luckily, it doesn’t require you to believe in it. If you will humor me a few moments, I will demonstrate the coolest party trick I know and you will feel so much better.

Beth F.
Ask them to rub their hands for a few seconds to make them sensitive, then pass your hands over their hands and they will feel the energy. I have never failed to have someone feel the energy.

Pamela S.
I Show them how it is working for me. I will be the concrete evidence they need. Usually it is not disbelief that they feel but fear of the energy work disguised as disbelief.

Linda J.
I ask their permission to pray for them & then do the work via long distance. I’ve never been refused.

Heather M.
I don’t interfere with their free-will and beliefs. However, I DO tell them the offer still stands if they ever decide to give it a try.

Angela H.
For them…replace the word energy with love…it becomes love work and isn’t this work just that?

Patricia M.
If you believe in prayer, use that same faith; you don’t have to be physically present when you prayer for someone. Same idea; energy knows no distance!

Margaret S.
I say with a big smile, “Oh, my goodness, I didn’t know you studied it, too! Please share with me your experience and why you disbelieve.” The point being ~ most people know NOTHING about it. How can you believe or not believe in something you know nothing about? Beyond that ~ I decided it’s not my role to “convince” people. God will send the people I can help.

Carol F.
Nothing. No point in arguing with dark negative energy. They will come around when they are open and ready for it.

Martie R.
If they are totally blocked, then let them be…. Say nothing. If they want/ need some benefit / healing, then explain that ‘one does not have to believe, nor understand it (energy work) , all you need to do is to allow it.

Samantha B.
When someone is skeptical about energy therapy I explain that I was too once. I explain that we can’t see the wind, gravity or the earth’s magnetic field, yet they are real. I demonstrate the sway test and I also demonstrate how energy flows through us all with a cheap plastic doll (Little Miss Sunshine) that lights up when I hold her hands. She also lights up when a second person holds one hand, I hold the doll’s other hand, and then we both hold hands. This happens because the energy flows between us – just like when someone touches an electric fence and gets a zap, then another person touches the first person and the current moves on to zap them. For those who are simply scared, and call me a witch, I explain that we all have an innate ability to exercise biofeedback, and I teach them the sway test. When it comes to cynics who ridicule me and call my work a ‘pseudo science’, I merely smile and walk away. They are simply not ready.

Dan S.
Sometimes its not what you say, but how you say it. Sound is energy, and when words are spoken with love and care the effect will always have a healing.

Rimi Y.
I live with one, so I know how this feels. I say nothing, smile, and show by example! Seeing how much I’ve changed since I’ve started using the EC on myself, how many others have asked me to work on them, and me being passionate about what I do, he is slowly coming around to acceptance. Believe and have faith