Back when I was in practice, I had a never-ending stream of people who were suffering. I routinely saw wonderful changes when I would apply magnets to my patients problems.

Sometimes the results were inexplicable and even a bit mysterious. One patient, for example, had a long-term shoulder problem that instantly went away when she put magnetic insoles in her shoes. On four separate occasions I was able to stop acute asthma attacks by simply placing a magnetic pad on the patients’ chests. I saw allergies improve quickly and dramatically by placing a magnet on the surface of a patient’s body. I saw bruises disappear, literally overnight. I saw broken bones heal in half the normal time.

In many cases, I came to require certain patients to wear magnets as part of their treatment protocol, because they seemed to shorten the recovery time so dramatically.

The magnets I recommend are made by Nikken, one of the world’s foremost wellness companies.

-Dr. Brad

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