Are You Meant To Be a Spiritual Healer?

Those naturally blessed with the gift of spiritual healing tend to be extremely sensitive to the energy of other creatures, places or anything else that emits energy. These unique individuals are instinctively inclined to helping, whether it is other people, animals, environments etc. The drawback of possessing highly sensitive empathetic healing abilities is becoming overwhelmed in large groups and other social settings. Absorbing the emotions and energies of everyone and everything around can be very mentally draining.

Have you ever wondered why you have always felt like an outcast? Are you able to empathize with the emotions of others? Do you genuinely find happiness in helping other people? If you can answer yes to all these questions, then there is a good chance you could be a spiritual healer. If you feel that any of this information applies to you and you are interested in learning more, please take our quiz to further explore whether you may have been born with spiritual healing talents.