Are You Meant To Be a Spiritual Healer?

Those naturally blessed with the gift of healing tend to be extremely sensitive to the energy of other creatures, places, or anything else that emits energy. These unique individuals are instinctively inclined to help – whether they focus that helping energy on other people, animals, or the environment around them. The drawback of possessing highly sensitive, empathetic healing abilities is becoming overwhelmed in large groups and other social settings. Absorbing the emotions and energies of everyone and everything around can be mentally draining.

Take our ‘Am I a Healer’ quiz to further explore whether you may have been born with spiritual healing talents! 

Quiz: Are You Meant to Be a Healer?

So You’re a Healer: What’s Next?

If you’ve discovered through this quiz that you are naturally inclined to be a healer, you might be wondering what’s next. There are many ways to tap into your natural abilities! The next question to ask is what you want to do as a healer! 

Ask yourself if you are ready to grow your intuitive gifts, and use your skills to help yourself, and those around you. If that is your desire, you might seek out training in an energy healing method that interests you! If you’re curious about the Emotion Code®, Body Code™, or Belief Code®, we can help support you on this energy healing journey! Explore energy healing certification to learn more.

If you found through taking this quiz that you answered many healing questions with no, or I’m not sure, that doesn’t mean you don’t have healing abilities! Everyone’s journey is different, and your passions might lead you in another direction. However, if you’re interested in pursuing energy healing, don’t be discouraged! Anyone can become an energy healer. No matter where you begin, you can always learn and grow. 

It’s also possible that trapped emotions, energetic imbalances, or faulty belief systems are holding you back from your true potential. Reach out to our energy healing practitioners if you feel you could use help clearing these energies! 

What Types of Healers Are There?

There are truly an endless number of ways to be a healer! Simply being a wonderful friend is a way to help others heal. You might channel your healing abilities into herbal medicine, Reiki, Chakra healing, talk therapy, spirituality, crystal healing, and energy healing modalities such as the Emotion Code, Body Code, Belief Code, and so much more. If you want to become a professional healer, many healing modalities have certification programs that will expand your knowledge and abilities. You might begin by researching a few different healing modalities, and see what intrigues you. Trust your intuition, and follow your heart!

What type of healer are you? Take our quiz.

How to Become an Energy Healer with Discover Healing

Along with gaining the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to help yourself and others to heal, becoming a Certified Emotion Code, Body Code, or Belief Code Practitioner allows you to discover new horizons of physical, emotional, and financial freedom. If you discovered that you are a natural healer through our spiritual healer quiz, becoming a certified energy healer with Discover Healing could be a great next step to take. The certification course is comprehensive and easy to complete.

The Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code Certification Courses allow you up to six months for completion. However, many of our students complete the course in just six to eight weeks! The courses are held online, so you can complete them from anywhere with an internet connection. The certification courses include videos, readings, and quizzes to make sure you fully understand the content.

In order to complete your certification, you’ll also need to begin performing energy healing sessions! You’ll be guided through your first experiences with providing the Emotion Code, Body Code, or Belief Code to a client, and log your sessions in your Student Portfolio online. Once you complete each course you’ll receive a Certification Badge that can be added to your website and other marketing materials, as well as a completion certificate that symbolizes your authority, exposure, and credibility as an Emotion Code, Body Code, and/or Belief Code Practitioner! These courses are a fun and easy way to expand your knowledge and become an energy healer.