Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is reported to affect anywhere from 5-9% of all children and 4% of adults in the United States. While inattention and impulsiveness tend to be the leading symptoms of ADHD, other indicators of this behavioral disorder include chronic lateness and forgetfulness, anxiety, poor organizational skills, low self-esteem, employment issues, short temper, difficulty finishing tasks, restlessness, and difficulty controlling behavior.

While prescription medications are a common go-to for those who have ADHD, there are several proven, natural methods that are equally as effective at reducing the side effects and symptoms of this disorder. Below are three holistic ways you can treat your ADHD.

1. Release Your Emotional Baggage

Many of the symptoms presented by ADHD affect one’s perception of reality. However, through emotional healing and releasing trapped emotions, you can allow yourself to break back into reality and feel the feelings of self-love and spiritual connection. The Emotion Code and The Body Code explores the various ways you can identify and access the emotions that are trapped in your subconscious and are fueling your ADHD. These emotions, caused by past traumatic events or painful memories, can be harbored within your subconscious without your knowing. However, by recognizing that many ADHD symptoms are made worse by trapped emotions, you can begin the process of emotional healing and get back to a balanced place of harmony and well being.

2. Balance Your Chakras

As outlined in Dr. Bradley Nelson’s self-study course The Body Code, chakra balancing is a safe, effective way to rebalance the body’s chakras and use natural energy to eliminate feelings of irritability, unsettledness, and anxiousness. Certified practitioners of The Body Code can use chakra balancing to access any averted or unbalanced energies and realign them within the body to help eliminate the types of emotions that spur ADHD. Professionals have found that imbalanced or overactive chakras two and three can absorb too much information from the environment and thus cause stress, tension, irrational thinking, and hyperactivity.

3. Find a Routine

As an ADHD patient, you likely know first hand how attractive new activities, adventure, and a change of pace can seem. While these stimulating activities are essential, it’s key to balance them with things that help you stay calm and relaxed. By developing a routine that combines a healthy dose of upbeat activities and nurturing moments, you can give your days a structured core so that you can better stay focused and on-track while still challenged and stimulated.

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