written by Annette Janover, CECP, CBCP

Most weight-loss diets focus on eliminating certain foods from your current diet, reducing your food intake and measuring the width and weight of your physical form. Most of the time when you begin something new, perhaps adopting the latest diet regime touted by the so-called experts, there is the thrill of anticipated change. So you set about gathering the necessary ingredients for this promised success and the projected ‘new me’, with excitement for the challenge, coupled with the strength of your intention and a promise for the future.

And, inevitably success does come and you achieve whatever goal was set in your mind. Your physical form has shrunk accordingly and you look in the mirror admiring the new external representation of yourself. Yet, as time moves along – even as you retain the newly fashioned body and bask in the shine of success – those familiar negative feelings reveal themselves once again. It’s as if your life is on rewind, like the film ‘Ground Hog Day’. You notice these seemingly ancient feelings and respond in exactly the same way as always. In fact, it seems you have recreated situations in your life which have the same script but with new actors.

You might then ask, “Why do I still feel this way and why can’t I get over this and move on?”

So, it seems you can consciously manipulate the external (the physical body)  but this great effort doesn’t appear to move those negative thoughts you have about yourself. Powering these thoughts are the beliefs you hold about yourself, your abilities and your world. These beliefs are stored mostly at a subconscious level together with whatever are the strongest emotions within you.

We have all experienced some emotional trauma or upheaval. These events produced painful emotions and if you were not able to process these negative feelings at the time, the energy of them remained stuck in your body. The effect of holding these trapped emotions causes imbalances on the physical, mental and emotional levels. They continue to negatively interfere with the way you think, act and make decisions.

Your life, your everyday experience, is the way it is because you have created it with those beliefs and their accompanying trapped emotions. Your physical reality appears to act as a feedback mechanism to show you just what your belief systems are.

So, to make change, to clean up your act, you need to clear away the gunk weighing you down – to release your trapped emotions and change your beliefs. And then… this excess weight you carry will disappear and you will rediscover your true essence.

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