-written by Charan Surdhar


Excess weight has been approached by health and fitness “gurus” from the point-of-view that losing weight focuses on what we do on the outside and not our energetic levels.

Perhaps you struggle with losing weight and have tried changing your diet and exercise routines and have had very little in the way of results?

What if there is another way? Of course I am not a nutritionist or medical doctor, but I do know as an epigeneticist that our internal environment impacts the way our DNA is expressed, and this environment is a cocktail of our emotions, beliefs, that impacts the way our body produces hormones.

First, I would like to invite you to re-frame the term “weight loss”. Here’s why, “weight” sounds like “wait”, and that is what your subconscious mind hears. The next word is “loss”. When you loose your keys, don’t you go slightly frantic looking for them again? With the word “loss” your subconscious does not want to loose anything, because if it does, it will want to find it again! Your subconscious mind hears “wait loss” and that means you are always having to wait to release your excess weight, a double edged sword really. So, I would like to reframe “weight loss” to be “release mass” or anything else that you are inspired to change it to.

Second, is the term “self-worth” – my previous article talks more about this. Most people feel that they don’t look good or have low self-esteem – this is a place of low self-worth. It’s so important to begin with self-love and self-worth. When you feel good, you will be inspired to follow ways of being that will result in a happy you and once you have a happy you, you will have a happy body, and isn’t that what you wanted in the first place? So start by reading my article on self-worth to see how you can do this.

Third, the hormone Leptin. Leptin is released by the adipose cells, and travels to the hypothalamus where it allows the hypothalamus to signal to the body that the adipose cells can be used for energy in the body. The more leptin there is the more fat burning takes place. Also, cortisol levels contribute to the amount of leptin too. High stress levels which results in lowered immunity, result in lowered leptin levels, therefore less fat burning. This is why it is important to begin with loving yourself first rather than waiting to love yourself after you have released the mass. Because loving yourself first, raises your immunity, lowers your cortisol, and raises the levels of leptin in the body therefore more fat burning ability.

There have been studies that have shown women release twice as much leptin than men. What this study has also found, is that for some reason women don’t have a higher fat burning ability just because they have extra leptin, which is what would have been expected. They have suggested that rather than calorie counting, altering eating behavior would contribute to the leptin, resulting in higher fat burning ability.

My thoughts were again based on what we can change internally. What if we could ask the subconscious mind the following questions:

What percentage of leptin is being produced by the body, where 100% is the optimal level for the person, whether in men or women?
Is the hypothalamus receiving signals from the leptin?
 If not, why?

If yes, then are the signals from the hypothalamus being received by the receptors on the adipose cells that would switch on the fat burning ability?

Using these questions with The Body Code system or Emotion Code system, it is possible to identify where in this cycle there are trapped energies, such as trapped emotions for example that are “interfering” with this rhythm.

Of course, this topic is a huge, and there are many factors that orchestrate everything in the body, but I wanted to share this information. And yet is by no means the only way to release mass. But it is almost always over looked that we need to start from inside with regards to releasing mass, and by that I mean the energetic aspect, rather than the physical. I can’t emphasize enough that it does begin with self-worth and self-love.

Here is a video I created that will allow you to begin to find your inner balance and focus on your cells, to awaken to the love within.

Here is a video that explains the Body Code system and how it works: