Are you ready to become a Certified Emotion Code® or Body Code™ Practitioner? Here is what you will be able to do if you become a Certified Practitioner

  • Unlock the infinite well of knowledge that is your subconscious mind
  • Uncover your body’s hidden “lie detector” and quickly identify and correct issues with the astonishing power of the subconscious mind.
  • Perform effective proxy testing anywhere in the world
  • How to perform effective proxy testing in 3 easy steps on any subject, anywhere in the world. Help anyone, anywhere!
  • Improve wellness by improving connections between your organs, your glands and the muscles of the body to affect every area of your life. Improve the connections and improve your well-being.

How to detect and correct an elusive Spiritual/Physical disconnection
Learn how our “dual nature” and the “spirit body template” can affect discomfort, degree to how you fight off infections, and even organ function.

The most advanced trapped emotion training available
Discover how to detect and correct: prenatal emotions, preconception emotions, traumatic energy distortions, despair anchors, cording and much more.

Unlock the secrets of The Body Code Mind Maps
Learn advanced techniques and reveal the true power of The Body Code Mind Maps and Emotion Code Chart of Emotions, both found within the Discover Healing app and in the web online version.

Find true love, reach your goals, experience true abundance
Advanced techniques for clearing the Heart-Wall® from yourself and others. Achieve your full potential and open up a whole new life full of success and love.

How to clear “emotional resonance” from the DNA of your body
Clear this negative vibration of energy that can stay in the body for years causing a number of debilitating health issues.

Learn how to install “positive broadcast messages”
Quickly manifest events, people and circumstances into your life that will help you achieve your goals and fulfill your higher purpose.

Easily clear and correct “offensive distortions”
Cording, saboteurs, energy weapons and post-hypnotic suggestions – Learn how to defend yourself and instantly release these dangerous imbalances.

How to test for bacterial infections and imbalances

These can lead to a host of physical “symptoms”… plus, home remedies that you and your clients already have in your cupboard.

Advanced muscle testing techniques and secrets
Increase the effectiveness of your communication with the subconscious mind with Hole-in-one, Ring-in-Ring, falling log, Han(d) Solo and much more.

Quickly find the real cause of nutritional imbalances
Use The Body Code Mind Maps and Nutritional Chart to pinpoint nutritional deficiencies as quickly and easily as you would find a Trapped Emotion.

How to correct common structural imbalances instantly

Structural imbalances cause symptoms far away from the actual imbalance, instantly find and correct the imbalance and in doing so correct the symptom.

Quickly pinpoint and clear toxic interference
We are surrounded by hundreds of toxic thoughts, substances and emotions daily. Learn how to protect the body and clear these destructive energies.

The Science and wisdom behind The Body Code
Discover advanced knowledge and information about the physical body, nutrition, energy healing and the spirit body that is not available anywhere else!

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