If you’re looking for a practitioner of either The Emotion Code® or The Body Code™, the 2 best places to look are:

Our Staff Practitioners – Here you can make an appointment with one of our staff practitioners

The Practitioner Map – This is where you can see practitioners worldwide

Please remember that Body Code Practitioners have to be certified in The Emotion Code® before they can be certified in The Body Code™, so they do have a higher level of training.  Also note that you don’t necessarily have to find a practitioner who lives near you, since most of our practitioners do their work by proxy. This opens up the entire world for you! Simply find a practitioner that you would like to work with, and get in touch with them —  no matter where they live.

Many have asked, but Dr. Nelson’s time does not allow him to work with clients at this time. This is why he has personally trained some of his staff to do sessions with clients. Our staff practitioners are very skilled. Sessions can be booked with any of these staff practitioners.