In a promising discovery, new research documents that holistic healing method known as The Emotion Code® demonstrates “significant efficacy”  in relieving self-reported mental health symptoms.

People suffering from self-reported anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder reported significant improvements in their symptoms after using The Emotion Code, the first research study into holistic healing modality finds.

“The results of our study provide support to the growing literature on mental and emotional health. Specifically, The Emotion Code yielded significant decreases in reported symptomatology of all three conditions,” authors Yuliana Gelb, Sara Castaneda, Lenny Castaneda and Tim Allison-Aipa write in “Changes in Self-Reported Depression, Anxiety, and Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptomatology from the Emotion Code Energy Healing Modality.”

In a key finding, people practicing The Emotion Code reported benefits regardless of the severity of their symptoms.

“It was hypothesized that participants with lower anxiety, PTSD, and depression ratings would benefit the most from this modality since they have fewer traumas to release from the body and therefore may feel relief more quickly and easily; however, results show that subjects with high and low symptomatology in all categories benefited in a significant and highly effective way,” states the study, which can be accessed here.

“Since The Emotion Code seems to provide stress relief to its recipients, it could be an effective tool for licensed therapists to utilize themselves for self-care, as burnout is on the rise in licensed therapists,” the study states. “Therapists could also use this technique in conjunction with talk therapy for their clientele.”

Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, (D.C., ret.), The Emotion Code is an energy healing method designed to help people identify and release troubling, unresolved emotions from difficult and traumatic past experiences. Dr. Nelson calls these residual emotional energies “Trapped Emotions,” and believes they are linked to many mental, emotional and physical illnesses. Author of the best-selling book “The Emotion Code,” he has trained thousands of certified practitioners worldwide over almost three decades to help people overcome physical and emotional discomfort by releasing their emotional baggage.

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