As you gain confidence in muscle testing, you might ask yourself, “what else could I use this for?” Once you realize the significance of the tool that’s literally at your fingertips, it may be tempting to push the limits and venture into different territory.

How you choose to use muscle testing is ultimately your responsibility. However, we want to offer important insights that might give you some direction on what muscle testing is really capable of, what it’s about, and what it’s not about.

Muscle Testing is About Helping Others Be Well

At its core, muscle testing is an energy healing tool you can use to help others (and yourself) identify and release Trapped Emotions or other imbalances that could be affecting your emotional, physical, and spiritual health. In a nutshell, that’s it. 

The best use of muscle testing is to get information straight from a person’s subconscious mind and body about what may be going on inside it.

  • Trapped Emotions 
  • Health information
  • Function of body systems
  • The body’s energy field
  • Toxicity or needed nutrients
  • And more

Once you have this information, you can address the issue through energy healing, and / or provide the support, nutrients, or other things the body needs. It’s incredible what can be accomplished through muscle testing and energy healing!

Can I Use Muscle Testing to Uncover the Past? Even Abuse?

We have seen variations of this question many times. As far as dealing with the past is concerned, muscle testing can provide reliable answers about Trapped Emotions that may have resulted from past experiences. For that, it is extremely useful. If needed, you might even be able to pinpoint the approximate age at which those emotions became trapped, if they were inherited, and so forth.

However, muscle testing is not a reliable way to define those events themselves. Quite often, when a Trapped Emotion is found and the age identified, it will make perfect sense to the person based on memories they have from weeks, months, or years ago. Or, they may know enough about their ancestry that an inherited Trapped Emotion makes sense. Finding and releasing those is the victory!

Simply finding a Trapped Emotion through muscle testing is not a reliable indicator of what actually caused it. If the person doesn’t remember being abused, or abuse has never been uncovered by a licensed therapist, it should never be “discovered” or implied through muscle testing. That’s not what muscle testing for, and it’s not reliable for that. Just release the emotion and be on your way.

Imagine uncovering Trapped Emotions from a certain age, for which your client or subject has no explanation they can remember. You should NEVER try to explain a Trapped Emotion by assuming abuse or any other conjecture. Ask yourself about the ramifications if you’re wrong! Relationships and entire families could suffer irreparable harm. Do you really want to take that chance?

Never venture into this territory with muscle testing, even if an energy healing client asks you to! 

What About the Future? Can I Muscle Test for That?

The future is cloudy. None of us has a crystal ball or any reliable way to predict what is going to happen tomorrow, let alone next year (as 2020 has taught so many of us). Muscle testing is not a tool for predicting things. Can it help you learn facts about what could be going on in your body? Yes! Can it help you figure out what energy may be causing a client or loved one to feel a certain way? Absolutely!

However, it won’t help you find out the lottery numbers. It won’t tell you what your kids will be when they grow up. As a gift from above, muscle testing just doesn’t work that way. It can be tempting to try, but please resist the temptation to muscle test everything going on in your life, or use it to make life-altering decisions. For that, we recommend thought, prayer, introspection, and decision-making processes that help you feel peace about whatever you decide to do.

Muscle testing isn’t about predicting the future or reliving the past. It’s about enabling you to feel and function better in the here and now. Focus on that.Our muscle testing course will help you learn the basics. Click here to learn more.