The spotlight is on Arlaine Austin, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner from Sandy, Utah, United States today!

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How did you find out about The Emotion Code and how long have you been practicing?

I was introduced to the Emotion Code by a friend. I have been Emotion Code certified for almost 2 years. Body Code certified since April 2013.

How do you think The Emotion Code compares to other energy healing modalities?

I was introduced to energy healing 25 years ago as I began taking Chinese methods of healing and studied for almost a heart. I continued by studying many modalities, herbs, iridology, muscle testing. This interest was a result of my own health problems snd wanting to find answers. The Emotion Code and The Body Code have been an amazing experience as it seems so comprehensive in its ability to solve problems. This is an ongoing adventure in helping my self and many others. My daughter is also Emotion/Body code certified and we find ourselves working together often.

What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing The Emotion Code?

This opportunity to learn more about ourselves, emotionally, physically, spiritually, intellectually, is an adventure in understanding what we are all about and in the process being able to help others in that same quest.

What are the differences between The Emotion Code and the westernized medical/drug industry?

The Emotion Code and The Body Code address areas that western medicine is missing. It looks at our issues in a more holistic way. It is a beautiful tool in honoring the energetic and physical aspects of our body.

Do you have a healing story using The Emotion Code that you could tell us about?

There are so many stories my own included, pregnant mother able to be relieved of severe nausea with in a couple of sessions. Helping a woman whose arm was in such pain she was unable to lift it, watching her as she in amazement was able to have full range of motion. Helping a women from India with a phobia of leaving her home, after 5 sessions, get a job and move out into the world. Pain from a sprained ankle leaving instantly with no swelling, this was my own experience. I have also worked with a young woman who was having strange symptoms of short term paralysis along with severe migraine headaches, and nausea. After 3 sessions her mother said she was noticing a huge improvement. She went for over a week with no symptoms. Her mother was amazed.

If you could tell the world about The Emotion Code in one sentence, what would it be?

This is such an amazing tool that has the capacity to address all energetic levels like no other modality I have seen.

Where do you see the future of energy medicine headed?

Energy medicine is moving into a key position to interact with all western medicine modalities. I believe there is room for us all to It is an exciting time to be alive.

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