What drives your passion for energy healing? Why do you love doing what you do?

I am passionate about guiding people like yourself in creating possibilities for Abundance and Freedom in the areas of Wealth, Health and Relationships. This always starts with being free to love your life in and of itself. Just be HAPPY 😉
There is a reason why I am so passionate about helping you create your freedom: I have lived in captivity for most of my life, struggling to make it work. I was NOT happy for most of the first 44 years of my life!

Finally, I discovered the missing link in the traditional approaches and I was able to break free from Autism (Asperger), chronic low-back pain and depression (including suicidal tendencies) as a result of early abuse. Trust me: the Truth will set you Free!


By applying what I’ve learned, I have developed a unique process, a treasure map to guide you in your journey to Freedom and Abundance, living a life free from unnecessary pain, stress, fear and financial struggles.

What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing The Body Code?

I have two lessons that I have learned and I love to pay forward:

#1: – Think about where you ultimately want to take this work. When you feel that you are called to learn this work to start your own practice and help others, don’t hesitate to follow your heart!

#2: – Focus on those who want. I am not here to convince anyone or to get anyone to believe what I know and do. And neither should you! This is sometimes hard, especially when it concerns your loved-ones. But people are entitled to their own pain. Your job is to help those who are ready, and pray for everyone else.

Why have you found being a Body Code Practitioner so valuable in your personal life?

Being a Body Code Practitioner allowed me to combine Energy Work with the more traditional training and coaching methods. It continues where other methods stop. Instead of trying to deal with blocks and imbalances (and all the painful symptoms that come with those), I’ve learned to find and clear the root-causes, so moving forward becomes effortless, and so can you!

Do you have any success stories or testimonials that you’d like to share with us?

Since my time is limited, I can only work with so many people. To my surprise, I found out that many talented healers still struggle with setting up their own practice. It makes my day when I open up my email and one of my clients lets me know how working together has opened up new possibilities for them in helping others.

When I received this testimonial from Uta, it brought tears to my eyes:

“Arwin Baauw is one of the sharpest coaches I have met. He has a great ability to listen and discern what you are not saying (or able to put into more precise words yet) and then putting it into straightforward ideas, language and action. In his Business Birthing Program, Arwin has helped me conceptualize my ideas in a unique and powerful way and I have now developed a Business Program that enables me to leave an unfulfilling job and step into my new business venture!

I have followed trainings with ‘top’ coaches and so-called ‘gurus’ in this field, but what convinced me to choose the Business Birthing program was the promise to walk through the whole process from scratch to the end together!
This program gets you from A to Z and delivers on the promise to see tangible results. It is broken down in easy to understand steps and does not just tell you what you need to do, but also how to do it.

The strong and unique quality of the program that distinguishes itself from all other programs I have followed and seen, is that it doesn’t just leave you to yourself to do what you need to do, but that it pulls you through to the other side when you get stuck.

This program has stretched me beyond limits and without it, I could have never gotten the results I have now:
A complete business with a unique business program and strong, exclusive branding.

I highly recommend the program if you want to set up your own business. If I would not have done it, I would still be working in an unfulfilling career and ‘hoping’ that someday something would change. The Business Birthing Program was my chance – and I took it! It can be yours, too.” — Uta (45) from Germany

Mission accomplished 😉

Do you practice any other modalities or healing work along with The Body Code?

Besides the Emotion Code, Body Code and T3, I am trained and certified in modalities that are based on the work of Bruce Lipton, following the neurophysiological triggers that we might call “trapped emotions”. I am a certified PMA (Progressive Mental Alignment) trainer and coach.

Besides working with the subconscious mind, I’ve been an ordained minister since 2003 and I strongly believe in a spiritual approach, where prayer and scripture are the keys to fulfilling our destiny here on earth, living in the promise of an ‘Abundant Life’ and preparing us for our life after this one.

Finally, I am a certified ‘Transformational Trainer’ and ‘University Teacher’ on the subjects of Personal Leadership and Entrepreneurship at the Executive MBA level (University of Twente, The Netherlands). I’ve worked with executives from the USA, Europe, Africa and China on how the “Human Factor” impacts the bottom line results in business.

What excites you most about being involved in the field of natural health care?

Adding – not replacing – the “lost knowledge” of natural health care to the academic approach that is so common in our culture, allows us to  go beyond ‘managing symptoms’ and get to the root of some issues that I haven’t been able to address or solve in my life through the more traditional channels (medical, psychological or spiritual).

What is your specialty, if any?

I help practitioners to set up their own business, with ZERO risk, no previous business experience, and no major financial investment, clearing whatever stops them from being the gift that they were born to be and helping others. Combining Energy Healing with the more traditional approaches of training and consultancy, my clients go beyond mindset, affirmations and accountability and build thriving practices of their own, being able to help more people than they ever imagined.

How can a potential client get in touch with you to schedule a consultation or a session?

I don’t work with just everyone. In fact, you have to qualify to work with me. That is why – when I don’t know you – I only work for free.

You can book a complementary healing session on my website: http://arwinbaauw.com/health/

When you want to learn more about setting up your own practice, you best go here and get a free copy of my book: http://arwinbaauw.com/business/

Contact Info and Website:
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Phone Number: (702) 605 0554
Link for Online Booking: http://arwinbaauw.com/health/
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