Ontario, Canada is well represented by Emotion Code Practitioner, Brigitte Emery! Brigitte has been doing wonderful things to help people with their health and wellness issues, so we’ve asked her some questions to spotlight her great work. If you would like to contact Brigitte with any questions please scroll to the bottom of this feature for her information, or you can find her on our Global Practitioner Map!

How long have you been practicing The Emotion Code?
3 ½ years.

How do you think The Emotion Code compares to other energy healing modalities?
The truly wonderful thing about the Emotional Code is how simplistic, yet powerful and immediate the release of negative energies and trapped emotions are achieved by this modality. No dwelling on or re-living events and emotions!

What suggestions would you give to those that are new to practicing TEC?
Don’t stop, the more you work with it the more effective and brilliant it becomes.

Do you have any advice for people just starting to use The Emotion Code?
As a ‘patient’ you cannot deny the sometime strong and sometimes subtle healing effects of the Emotional Code. That is what is so convincing and powerful about it, you do see and feel the effects immediately. But like peeling an onion, you must keep on going…..

Do you have a healing story using TEC that you could tell us about?
There are so many transforming and exciting testimonials I could give. Every client has a special healing story. I have seen physical pain, illness completely disappear after the first session! I have seen depression lifted. I think the overall most powerful testimony is how it amazes even me that every client feels something immediately during or directly after the session – ‘I feel so light’ – ‘I feel blissful’ – ‘I feel happier and more hopeful than in a long time’ – ‘ my pain is actually gone!’. These are just some of the heartfelt comments. There is a powerful transformation that takes place with the Emotion Code; in your perspective and ability to journey through your everyday. To me, having the peaceful contentment and joy to embrace everyday is one of the most profound effects of an Emotion Code healing.

If you could tell the world about the Emotion Code in one sentence, what would you say?
It’s about Emotional Detoxing and taking you to a place of true forgiveness, love and regeneration; where we are meant to be. The physical healing is just a wonderful side benefit.

Where do you see the future of energy medicine headed?
Certainly the work being done with the Emotional Code is at the forefront of the future of energy medicine; coupled with the powerful combination of the Body Code (which I will also be certified in shortly). This is a wonderful tool of ‘energy medicine’ that has met the future.


Contact info:

Email: Emery.associates@sympatico.ca or b1solutionsemery@gmail.com
Phone: 905-973-6301
Rates: Live $65.00/Phone or Long Distance $55.00
Website URL and website name: ‘under construction/coming soon’
Practitioner title: Certified Practitioner