This spotlight is on Dave Barton, a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner! Be sure to read all the way to the bottom of this post for contact information and more!

What drives your passion for energy healing? Why do you love doing what you do?

I am a huge believer in the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing The Body Code?

We are trained in customer success to say: It’s best to focus on the future. Check yourself daily to see if you can release anything that is standing in the way of your happiness, abundance, health, etc.. and release it. Don’t be anxious, don’t overdo things, and don’t be in a hurry. Just stick with it, and allow the changes to happen as they will. You can’t force a flower to grow, neither can you force healing. It’s a process! Having anxiety about the process will merely delay things, so hang in there!

Remember also that the changes we see are proportionate to the love we have for the person we are working on, and the faith we exert that they are going to be helped.

Why have you found being a Body Code Practitioner so valuable in your personal life?

I love it because I feel empowered to help my wife, family and close friends, even if it is at a distance.

Do you have any success stories or testimonials that you’d like to share with us?

“I highly recommend Dave, he is a great energy healer and it does work indeed! Whatever your situation, you will find the solution with The Emotion Code. It is an absolute MUST for ANY kind of illness, be it physical or mental; you are sure to point it out with The Emotion Code. As far as I’m concerned, I have been very surprised of all the information given to me through The Emotion Code in my session with Dave, because Dave pointed out PRECISELY some very important points that happened in my past and got rid of them. It is indeed incredible and TRUE HEALING! 

For any kind and every kind of illness we have acquired in our life, we have to go through The EMOTION CODE in order to find ALL ANSWERS, and Dave is really the best at it! So just go for it eyes wide shut, he will indeed open your eyes on points you would have not thought about at all and find all answers for a more beautiful and happy life to come. This is REAL and it does work and it can be a real LIFE CHANGER FOR THE BEST!”

– Sonia N. (France)

I am one of those people who have “been there and done that” far too many times than I would like to admit on the journey towards physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness. This past winter I was working with a holistic therapist who suggested that I try The Emotion Code. She felt that several series of sessions could achieve in weeks, what it might take her a year for her to accomplish otherwise (apparently she had tried about twenty systems on her personal journey before coming to this conclusion). That evening I listened to the webinar and was quite motivated to give the system a try (what harm was there in trying a free lesson…)

So it took about a week before I was connected with Dave Barton and I am very glad that he become my coach through this process. More than just a practitioner, he is also just a great person to speak with and share my goals and aspirations before and after sessions. Our appointments have been quite profound, and I find myself in complete and utter amazement as everything from “emotional roadblocks” to adverse “obsessive thought” patterns seem to dissipate within minutes….

I would highly recommend that anyone on the personal growth path check out what Dave has to offer.

– Jay W. (Connecticut, USA)

Having heard about The Emotion Code via Dr. Nelson (I also sell Nikken) I knew it was something I would like to experience. I worked with David Barton, and found that issues I had been dealing with and living with seemed to disappear in the process. Issues that I felt were stopping me seemed to just go away during our one session. I am looking forward to doing more work with David to rid myself of additional issues that seem to plague me and stop me from living the life I want. I highly recommend David and feel the benefits outweigh the cost. There is no negative side to doing this work.

– Rachel S. (Hawaii, USA) 

What excites you most about being involved in the field of natural health care?

I, like many others, believe it helps connect the dots to certain disconnections that may be affecting our life.

What is your specialty, if any?

In addition to being a certified Emotion Code and Body Code practitioner, Dave Barton is a Case Manager under Josh Nelson in The Body Code certification department. Dave’s previous position as a Healing Path Advisor for Dr. Bradley Nelson has prepared him to assist people where they are and help them get to where they want to go in life! He has co-hosted numerous live Q&A webinars for the Emotion Code Certification department and is used to working with beginners and experienced healers alike. Dave focuses his practice on helping his clients release physical and emotional trauma from injury, relationship stress, and life’s everyday pressures. Dave has had extensive training in Sports Medicine, Advanced Exercise Physiology, and Nutrition.

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