The Emotion Code has truly become a global healing system, it’s even found its way to Germany, so of course we are highlighting the healing expertise of Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner Dr. Susanne Hufnagel. After you read our wonderful interview with Susanne, be sure to contact her for a session. You can find her contact info at the end of the Spotlight.

How did you find out about The Emotion Code and how long have you been practicing?
A friend of mine told me amazing things about Heart-Walls, and I got curious about it. So I read the book “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson. I was so fascinated by it that it was hard to put down the book to take care of my daily chores. I was deeply touched by it and knew that this was something I had been looking for. So I booked the next available TEC seminar in Europe at the time, which was held by Dr. Nelson in Dublin, Ireland in 2009. I got certified right after the seminar and have been practicing the Emotion Code ever since.

How do you think The Emotion Code compares to other energy healing modalities?
Every time I use it, it is so amazing to see how fast and exact the Emotion Code works for my family, my clients and myself!

What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing The Emotion Code?
Don´t ever get discouraged, because there is a lot of work to do and you can´t do it all at once. Just be thankful that you can do it, rejoice about every emotion released and keep on doing it step by step!

What are the differences between The Emotion Code and the westernized medical/drug industry?
The Emotion Code can be of great effectiveness with a lot of psychosomatic problems, illnesses of our time, chronic conditions and emotional problems, where most drugs and medical procedures don´t really get to the roots.

Do you have a healing story using The Emotion Code that you could tell us about?
Some time ago I released the Heart-Wall and a few more trapped emotions, by proxy, from an unhappy five year old boy who had been giving a hard time to his parents and siblings with his stubborn and aggressive behavior. Part of those emotions had occurred when his twin died in his mothers womb while he survived. After a few EC sessions his behavioral problems vanished within the next day. His family was happy, and he was a very happy boy. A few months later I talked to his father again. He recounted that in a peaceful and quiet, father-son moment, his five year old son had said to him: “I love Jesus. He gave me a new heart. It´s great to have a new heart.” This little boy had not known anything consciously about the Emotion Code sessions, or his Heart-Wall, or anything we had done for him by proxy!

If you could tell the world about The Emotion Code in one sentence, what would it be?
The Emotion Code gives you the most amazing, and life changing ability and knowledge, about healing available on this planet, at this time!

Where do you see the future of energy medicine headed?
Energy medicine will make our future brighter than we can even imagine now at this moment!

Susanne’s Contact Info:
Practitioner title: Dr. Susanne Hufnagel MD CECP CBCP
(EC/BC sessions by phone or Skype)
Languages: German and English
Office hours: Mo-Fr 8-12am
Rates: € 80,- per session (30 minutes)