Morrow Bay, California’s very own Emotion Code Practitioner, Drew Tardiff, is helping people around the world to find health, happiness, and success! Drew shares a story of helping a young lady with her relationship with her boyfriend and shares great advice with using the Emotion Code. If you would like a session with Drew you can find his contact info at the bottom of this article.

How long have you been practicing The Emotion Code?
I have experience using the Emotion Code for 16 months now and became a certified practitioner in May of 2011.

How do you think The Emotion Code compares to other energy healing modalities?
I think the Emotion Code is a cut above other healing modalities. I think most healing modalities out there offer temporary relief and have not the capacity to affect permanent evolutionary shifts of consciousness. While the Emotion Code can offer temporary relief, it also has the capacity for real and fundamental change. Working on the level of information, the “code”, is as deep as you can get. I have seen a couple of modalities that come close to the Emotion Code but lack in the area of efficiency, the ability for direct feedback (through muscle testing) and scope, as in what all can be accessed and released. I have also found, that because with the Emotion Code ability to direct energy at a specific trapped emotion, finds its age and even origin (if need be), that the release of that negative energy is so much more effective; I don’t see this type of precision with other modalities and I think it is a very crucial component.

What suggestions would you give to those that are new to practicing TEC?
Be patient, keep practicing, put in the time and don’t be in a hurry to learn or grasp; have faith in yourself and you will be able to do this.

Do you have any advice for people just starting to use The Emotion Code?
Once you have become proficient in muscle testing, by finding a unique way of proving your accuracy to yourself, always trust the answers that come to you.

Do you have a healing story using TEC that you could tell us about?
I have a couple of healing stories that I would like to share:

One is about a friend of mine who had been with her boyfriend for a good 7 years and for most of that time was wanting so badly for him, we’ll call him John, to propose to her. My friend, we’ll call her Jude, grew more and more frustrated when it seemed nothing was changing for her in that area of her life. When I began working on her, I found that her heart wall was the biggest concern and area that needed the most attention. Fast forward, about 3/4 the way through releasing Jude’s heart wall and besides the amazing relief of pressure that she had felt in her chest, an amazing thing happened: John proposed to her.

I thought that this was no coincidence that the process of removing Jude’s heart wall was the reason that her greatest and deepest desire was fulfilled. Jude is currently a happily married woman and has recognized a significant shift of energy around her heart and in her life.

Another story is a very unique one, indeed. I was working with a client, we’ll call him Michael, and had a very rare release. First of all, Michael came to me with a very vivid and seemingly profound dream that he had the night before our session. I asked Michael to describe it to me, for I find that it is often the case that people experience what I call pre-release dreams or symptoms: Dream sequences and or symptoms being experienced before the actual release session, a nonlinear expression of the subconscious mind or higher self. Michael began telling me about a “war in the heavens”, a war that ultimately brought him to Earth. Michael remembered great explosions and destruction of what, to him, was his home. With great consternation, Michael was forced down a sort of porthole/wormhole that brought him to his his current incarnation on Earth. In his dream sequence, Michael remembered encountering a great amount of negativity on his arrival into this new dimension. Through all the destruction of his home and the chaos of his journey, Michael remembered having held onto a piece of his home, symbolized as a computer chip which he inserted into his left forearm, and this, to him, represented the power of that place he had left. On Earth, in unfamiliar surroundings, Michael felt empowered with the wisdom that where he had come from was still very much a part of him.

What stood out in our session, to follow, were two Pre-Conception trapped emotions; being, of course, grief and of fear in the transition from the heavens to Earth. In the weeks that followed, Michael expressed to me that this release and the clarity brought about through this process allowed him to feel more secure in his surroundings.The Emotion Code release gave Michael much needed strength and resolve with the wisdom that the power of his soul, of his origin, was always with him and this gave him a new found sense of peace and direction.

If you could tell the world about the Emotion Code in one sentence, what would you say?
The Emotion Code is the perfect marriage between Science and Religion, a coupling that has potential for evolutionary shifts.

Where do you see the future of energy medicine headed?
I believe the the future of energy medicine is here and is the Emotion Code and the Body Code.

Drew’s Contact info: and
Rates: $75 for half hour session; grouped rate: 4 half hour sessions @ $210 or $52.50 per half hour
Practitioner Title: Certified Emotion Code Practitioner (currently getting certified in the Body Code)