South Australia’s, Helga Campbell, has been working with The Emotion Code to help people release their trapped emotions and she’s having wonderful results. Helga sent us an inspiring healing story along with a testimonial from that very same client. You can find her contact and business info below!

How long have you been practicing The Emotion Code?
Since October 2010, i.e. for 1 ½ years – after I listened to Dr. Brad’s weekend seminar in Sydney, which is only a 3000km return flight from where I live in South Australia!

How do you think The Emotion Code compares to other energy healing modalities?
I also know EFT and Reiki and over the last year or so have listened to many energy healing modalities on the web, but there really is no comparison with them and TEC which stands quite alone in speed, ease and extent of healing.

What suggestions and advice would you give to those that are new to practicing TEC?
Keep practicing on anyone and anything. Offer it free of charge to family and friends, just ask them whether you may practice on them. That gets you started. I also find it fun to test the food I eat.  I ask ‘whether it is good for me’ or ‘whether it is too much or too little’- good for losing a bit of weight and real fun when you stand in front of a buffet – be prepared for surprises!

I would also suggest to develop some kind of questionnaire to a) not to forget to ask the right questions and b) to keep a record of the person/s you treated.

Do you have a healing story using TEC that you could tell us about?
Yes, and I especially like this one: The mother phoned me in tears and was very despondent,  needing help desperately – she had just listened to Dr. Brad on the web telling her about practitioners all over the world. So she looked up her home town “Adelaide/South Australia” and found me. I asked for little money, just A$150.00 for releasing all her trapped emotions, but she could not afford it. But I knew she needed help so desperately, so I did it for A$50.00 (almost same in US$). When I had finished after 5 sessions (which later was followed by another 3 sessions with the Body Code) without me asking she sent me another A$100.00!  Then her husband came and then her daughter came, and this is the last email I received from her:

I would also like to let you know Helga on Monday I had my final exam at SAPOL and we had to pass this exam to continue with our job as my 6 weeks of training has now come to an end, and I felt great Monday morning, I was not nervous, I felt confident and very clear minded, normally I would freeze and my mind would just go blank because of fear. I found out on Tuesday that I passed my exam and my result was 91%, so I was very happy.

My husband is doing well, his snoring has reduced quite a lot but he still has his moments at night when I have to thump him a few times.

My daughter is looking and feeling really good as well, and she is so happy that we can see the difference with her.

This emotion code is just amazing Helga to see the difference with myself, husband and daughter. It’s amazing as well when you are so desperate how doors open in life for true healing.”

If you could tell the world about The Emotion Code in one sentence, what would you say?
How would you feel if there was a non-invasive and gentle method now in this world which you could tap on from near or far, in person or by proxy, which would rid you of your emotional baggage and thus enabling your body to self-heal? That is the Emotion Code.

Where do you see the future of energy medicine headed?
It has started about 25-30 years ago and look where we are now. However, I personally think that the big break-through will only occur when Energy Healing will be one subject in our Universities’ medicine studies, and not just for psychiatrists, but for every medical student. This is absolutely necessary to overcome the lack of open-mindedness in the majority of people in today’s world.

Helga’s Contact Info:
By Telephone: 61-8-85555953

Rates: it depends on age, what is needed and in rare circumstances also what the person can afford.  Unless there is only one particular aspect my clients want treated, I normally only stop once I have released everything I can, have opened all the chakras and made all their organs and glands happy!