How did you find out about The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

… from Julie Rowe’s book that a friend loaned me. I then did a search online and received “The Emotion Code” book and watched a webinar.

How do you think these healing methods compare to other energy healing modalities?

The Body Code and The Emotion Code techniques are very simple but reach deep into the root causes of disease, thus effectively guiding a plan for how to help the body heal. It still amazes me at how accurate this modality is, and how thorough we can be with just a little effort.

What advice would you give to those that are new to either The Emotion Code or The Body Code?

This is a very worthwhile endeavor and will amaze you with its effectiveness. It’s a valuable gift to offer yourself, your family, and the world at large. In fact, it’s the perfect gift – doesn’t take up space, elevates JOY, and can be re-gifted. Look for people to help among those you love, and you’ll get lots of practice and bonding.

What differences do you see between our healing methods and the westernized medical/drug industry?

I can more effectively discover the cause of a symptom than what is readily available through even the most elaborate machines offered by western medicine. And what I do is noninvasive, with no surprise side effects.

Do you have a healing story that you could tell us about?

I had a client who had reached retirement age, but his liver was out of balance, resulting in low energy and elevated joint pain. After working with him for several months, clearing trapped emotions and a Heart-Wall, his liver was finally happy, and he texted me: “Knees OK, Hips OK, Neck OK, right thumb/wrist OK.” This was a major break-through and saved him the cost of joint replacements. We were both very happy!

If you could tell the world about Dr. Nelson’s methods in one sentence, what would it be?

Let your mind pursue the concept that everything is energy, then trust this technique as the simplest and most effective method for harnessing emotional energy and building a life of JOY – this is all that really matters.

How do you see this work impacting the future of health care?

This is a modality that can save billions of dollars in health care and still be able to reach the majority of the world’s population. It works to prevent disease, understand the cause of disease, and open the heart to discover its own healing techniques.

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