We would like to introduce you to the healing ways of Emotion Code Practitioner, Richard S Cram, who was kind enough to answer a few interview questions about himself, his practice and The Emotion Code. You can contact Richard for a session, you will find his contact information at the bottom of the interview.

How did you find out about The Emotion Code and how long have you been practicing?
I learned about The Emotion Code from a friend and I have been practicing since January 2010.

How do you think The Emotion Code compares to other energy healing modalities?
I think it is a gateway for energy healing. It is a non-invasive way to ease anyone into the field of Bio-Energetic medicine. I am an energy dowser and I find it easy to practice and get results immediately.

What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing The Emotion Code?
Trust yourself and practice.

What are the differences between The Emotion Code and the westernized medical/drug industry?
When all else fails try The Emotion Code and get results.

Do you have a healing story using The Emotion Code that you could tell us about?
My favorite story is Michele’s, who has been in severe back pain for several years. She found me through her mother who was looking at all the practitioners. She was guided to try my website and called me. I then did one session and immediately was relieved from her pain and stayed pain free. She then told me about her chickens ‘Blackie and Rosie‘ who were attacking the other chickens. She asked me if I could help the situation, and I said I would try. The next day, she called me and said that the chickens were doing fine. I had released two trapped emotions from each, and they started to get along with the other chickens. She even did a video about it on ‘YouTube’. She also asked if I could help with her dog who would growl and bark at strange men. I also released a trapped emotion from him and he is much better, except for one thing… he ate a chicken. In the process, when I was asking permission to do the work, I got a no on the question “Should I do this?”, and Michele said it was ok to go ahead. WELL, lesson learned on that one. Always trust what you get from the subconscious.

If you could tell the world about The Emotion Code in one sentence, what would it be?
The future is in Bio-Energetic Medicine.

Where do you see the future of energy medicine headed?
I see it being totally being accepted by the mainstream.

Richard’s contact info:
Email: rscram3@gmail.com
Skype: Richard.S.Cram1
Phone: 828-685-7945
Website: www.energydowsing-RichardSCram.com
$35 per session-30 minutes
Initial Consultation: Free
$65 per session-60 minutes
6 sessions for $360