What drives your passion for energy healing? Why do you love doing what you do?

To have a modality that is an amplified and accelerated form of healing is what drives my passion for this work! I enjoy being able to help others without the need to be physically in their presence and yet they still experience the same benefits as when I am able to offer a more hands-on approach. Profound shifts have occurred in a matter of days for myself and those I have worked with. I so enjoy the positive feedback of “I feel lighter and happier now!”

What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing The Body Code?

My advice is to take your time learning this program and practice, practice, practice! You will be amazed by how your intuition kicks after you relax into the work.

Why have you found being a Body Code Practitioner so valuable in your personal life?

Where do I begin? I have grown in leaps and bounds since working with Emotion Code and Body Code in my personal and professional life!
Codependency and poor boundaries were a huge problem for me, along with attracting relationships with people who had problems with addiction.
Since becoming a Body Code Practitioner, I have also added the Abundance Breakthrough program and the Resonating Relationships program to my toolbox and am really enjoying the positive shifts that are appearing in my life and those who I have used this with.

Do you have any success stories or testimonials that you’d like to share with us?

After a busy session with Robin, which included Abundance Breakthroughs and a Heart-Wall removal, I saw a financial increase the very next day! I also received a call out of the blue from an ex and our conversation allowed me to put some peaceful closure to my past. I’m so full of gratitude right now (literally) that I feel it in my heart. I’m crying as I type this. Thank you!!!   ~GMB- Georgia

2015 was a very difficult year in my life. Emotional confusion, clinical depression, physical injury and weight gain, financial stress…it was the perfect storm of negativity that ruled my life for many months. A negative downward spiral that left me feeling alone and hopeless. Robin recognized my not-so-subtle negativity on Facebook and reached out to me. I agreed (thankfully) to participate in a couple of sessions. She was able to release a number of negative emotions: feelings of worthlessness, being unsupported, self-abuse, longing, grief and heartache, just to name a few. These emotions spanned over decades of my life. Since those sessions with Robin, my life has taken a 180-degree turn! My inner strength has returned, confidence in myself and my abilities have strengthened, and my view into my future is looking promising and exciting! In reflecting back on those sessions (more than a year ago now), they truly were the start of some AMAZING changes and transformations for me! Over the years, glimpses of my passions have come and gone, but they are all coming together now to form a cohesive vision. Thank you, Robin, for clearing the way and giving me the gift of clarity — in pursuit of my dreams.   ~Anonymous

Robin has worked with me a few times using The Body Code and The Emotion Code. I was experiencing both physical and emotional discomfort at the beginning of each session. By the time we were done, I felt pain-free and happier! How many times do you walk out of a doctor’s office feeling happier?! This is a very gentle method of healing using the body’s own innate abilities and Robin has mastered the technique. Thank you for your help, Robin! 🙂   ~Daria S.- Arizona

“..true gift as a spiritual healer..” My Body Code sessions have allowed me to release stress, Heart-Wall issues, and long-term feelings of anger. The end result was an immediately noticeable lightness of spirit and a prevailing feeling of calm that has improved my personal and professional relationships on a daily basis. Robin is a sincere person and has a true gift as a spiritual healer. I encourage everyone to consider this aspect of their overall wellness.   ~Bill A- Pennsylvania

I love working with Robin! I have had her perform numerous Emotion Code and Body Code sessions with me, always with remarkable results. When I go back and recall some of the blocked emotions she has released for me, I can often associate the offending event while we are working together, but then I also have had those ah-ha moments after the fact, when I have fully processed the session. The last Body Code session we had was a personal breakthrough for me. With a long, repeating history of trapped “wishy-washy” emotions, Robin has chipped away at these over time, and I was steadily gaining clarity on a new direction for my professional endeavors. After my last session, I was finally cleared to not only make a life changing decision, but to act on it, investing in myself to pursue a new career path. I couldn’t be happier! Thanks to Robin, I have personally experienced the benefits from the release of more than 35 trapped emotions which were hindering my physical and emotional well-being. I highly recommend her to anyone who seeks a path to wellness!   ~Laura B- Florida

Robin is a highly intuitive and well-skilled healer with a natural ability to unearth and release imbalances and trapped emotions. I’ve been doing Body Code and Emotion Code with Robin for a little over a year now, and have experienced tremendous healing and cannot imagine working with anyone else! Her kindness, compassion and dedication are a real gift and her healing skills are the absolute cherry on top. Robin is amazing!   ~Cindy F- Utah

My personal testimonial is one of profound gratitude for this healing modality. 2013 was my wake up call and introduction to The Emotion Code.
I pulled myself out of a codependent relationship that included me attending Al Anon to help me understand why I was attracted to the idea of rescuing and enabling another person and believing that was normal. The Emotion Code helped me release many old, negative patterns, but it was not until I started working with The Body Code Program that I discovered that there was more work to be done. Since then, I have become stronger as a person and have healthy boundaries in place. I started working with the Abundance Breakthrough program in April 2016, with a goal of having a financial gain by July of 2016. At the end of June 2016, I had an offer on my house that turned out to be a record-breaking dollar amount per square foot price for my area! This breakthrough gave me the ability to move back to Sedona and focus on my practice as an Emotion Code/Body Code Practitioner and I am so grateful! My latest focus is on the Resonating Relationships program and I am already noticing a shift in the right direction of who I am attracting. Everyone needs to experience this because we all deserve to be happy.

Do you practice any other modalities or healing work along with The Body Code?

I am a licensed massage therapist, Usui and Karuna Reiki Master and also a BEMER distributor. My main focus right now is the Body Code and I love it! I love being able to transform lives remotely!

What excites you most about being involved in the field of natural health care?

What excites me most about being involved in the field of natural health care is that we are focused on aligning the body, mind, and spirit to its harmonious state that God intended for us to have. Any modality that is coming from a Divine Source and Love is involved is okay with me 🙂

What is your specialty, if any?

My specialty is working with Caregivers. My business is called ME TIme 4 You for a reason.
So often we neglect ourselves because we are busy taking care of everyone else. This leads to Caregiver Burnout and if I can encourage a Caregiver to take a timeout to take care of themselves, my work becomes gratifying. I also appreciate working with people who suffer from Codependency as I am very familiar with that trait and feel that it is also related to being a Caregiver.

How can a potential client get in touch with you to schedule a consultation or a session?

I am available by phone, text, email, Skype, and FaceTime.
Phone is 928-487-1109
Email is robin@metime4you.com
Skype username is rockinrobin1111
Website is metime4you.com