This week, for our Practitioner Spotlight, we are highlighting the work of Sharon Duego! She is an expert in many fields of natural healing, and has some great advice to share with us. She also shares an inspirational testimonial from a client! You can contact Sharon for a session, just scroll to the bottom of this article to find her information.

How did you find out about the Emotion Code and how long have you been practicing?
A friend who knew my interest in energy healing introduced me to the Emotion Code.  She forwarded me information regarding a seminar Dr. Nelson was giving in Toronto on the Emotion Code. I signed up for the seminar/workshop and then completed the TEC training program. I have been an EC Practitioner since January 2011.

How do you think The Emotion Code compares to other energy healing modalities?
I am a Complementary Therapist/Coach trained in a number of different modalities, including Reflexology, Reiki, Acupressure, Therapeutic Touch, Psych-K and Integrated Energy Therapy. When I certified in TEC, I felt I had found the last piece of the puzzle that I was seeking to complete a tool box of skills that I could use and teach my clients. The Emotion Code is an easy and accessible energy tool that anyone can learn and use in their life to uncover patterns of beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that have been sabotaging their health and wellness. The Emotion Code taps into the subconscious mind and allows a practitioner as well as the client to become a detective in uncovering any underlying emotional disruptions in the body’s energetics. The Emotion Code offers a step-by-step method of finding the “emotional” disruption and than tools to release it so that it no longer has the power to trigger or recreate the sabotaging thoughts and behaviors.

What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing TEC?
The Emotion Code is a simple tool, however, it does take commitment and practice to build your confidence and skills when using any form of muscle testing. The more you practice the more your natural intuition will begin to assist you and you will find an ease and beauty to the work. You may find yourself testing and re-testing for a while until you get to the point where you just know that the answer you are getting is correct. I often find myself now thinking the answer even before it is validated by the test. I always coach my clients to stay the course and practice until they feel confident with the results.

What are the differences between the Emotion Code and the westernized medical/drug industry?
I believe the human body was designed to heal itself when it is given the right “tools” and “environment” to do so. So, healthy life style choices that include, proper nutrition, exercise/movement and positive mental and emotional health would be on the top of the list to create this healing environment for our bodies. However, when the body loses its balance and becomes “ill” or in “dis – ease” having a methodology or tool that would tap into the intelligence of the body to ask it what is causing or contributing to the “illness” or challenge that the person is experiencing would be far better than just treating the symptoms. So the main difference that I see between the EC and Body Code System and western medicine is that The Emotion/Body Code system uncovers the cause or contributor to the illness, where as the drug/medical model treat the symptoms. I believe there is room for both Eastern and Western practices to work hand and hand. There is a need for cooperative and complementary therapy with both systems.

Do you have a healing story using TEC that you could tell us about?
The following is a recent update I received from a client after our first session using the Emotion/Body Code system, this is only one of many I have received but feel it is representative of the experience and shifts that most of the clients I work with feel after surrendering to the process:  It really is a beautiful tool!!!

“I have only recently been introduced to the Emotion/Body Code method of healing. From only one session (and an enormous openess to learn) I immediately had a sense of  calm, energy and above all, hope. I have never tried a psychological approach to dealing with issues in my life — always counted on self-control and motivating myself, will-power — all of which never lasted. I now understand and am excited to have discovered that there were subconscious reasons and negative energies involved, that were beyond my control. This is why “hope” now is the most prevalent feeling I am experiencing.

I’ve also learned how these subconscious memories change us so dramatically in our lives and we don’t even know it. This realization helps me to understand and have compassion also for my husband and others around me. I’m more conscious of what I allow in to my mind now, and also my children.  I’m more aware of what I say to myself and how harmful the negative “talk” has been for me in the past. I am constantly trying to turn that around. I realize that the way things were can actually change, and not just for a short time.

Miraculously, I have felt a remarkable control in eating and my personal health. (I lost 7 lbs. in the first week). I’ve immediately started to put myself first and focus on improving myself. In the past, if I criticized others, I now think of the pain they may have experienced in their life or what is buried in their subconscious that causes them to behave a certain way.

I see myself more clearly now – recognize harmful things I used to say and do. It’s almost like I can look at myself from a birds-eye view, feeling sorry for the ‘old me’. I energetically try to inject unique things into my day and am excited for the future. I really feel like I have the right tools now. ”

If you could tell the world about the Emotion Code in one sentence, what would you say?
The Emotion Code is a tool that can be used by anyone seeking to bring health and balance into their physical/mental and emotional bodies.

Where do you see the future of energy medicine headed?
I believe that Energy Medicine will be THE Medicine of the future. Currently Energy Medicine is struggling to finds its place in the mainstream of health care but more and more people are becoming disheartened with the current health care practices and are seeking alternatives to help them find the deeper meaning of their life challenges. Not just physical illness but also the social, mental and emotional aspects of their lives. Energy Practitioners are focused on holistic health versus symptom management, so in the end I think the credibility and need for such work will become mainstream. We are on the cutting edge or on the front of the wave for change!!!

Contact Sharon:
Phone: 905-880-7380
Rates:  Session Rate is $110
Practitioner title:  Energy Practitioner/Coach (soon to be Body Code Practitioner)