Now is your chance to find out about the energy healing specialties of Emotion Code Practitioner, Sharon Weaver! Sharon shares all kinds of great thoughts and information about how she came about the Emotion Code, where she sees the future of energy healing headed, and shares some great healing stories too. As always, you can contact her for a session. Her info is at the bottom of this interview.

How did you find out about the Emotion Code and how long have you been practicing?
I hold a weekly Healer’s Practice at my home for Reiki practitioners. Almost two years ago, Daryl Kirk, a regular attendee, shared information he’d heard on a Coast to Coast AM show featuring an interview with Dr. Nelson. Daryl had purchased The Emotion Code book immediately afterward and had been practicing this amazing healing technique for some time. His enthusiasm and passion about the effectiveness of The Emotion Code was contagious. I purchased my own book and began practicing on myself and seeing amazing results. I didn’t waste any time sharing this technique with my sister, then signing up for the certification course and completing it. It has been a part of my practice now for over a year. Currently I am studying The Body Code and hope to receive my certification by the year’s end. My sister, Shirley Fambrough, is also a gifted healer who recently was certified as a practitioner in The Emotion Code. She is doing phenomenal work primarily with animals. Practicing The Emotion Code together has brought us both tremendous joy and satisfaction.

How do you think The Emotion Code compares to other energy healing modalities?
While I worked as a nurse, I read, studied and practiced many healing techniques including but not limited to Emotional Freedom Technique, Theta Healing, and The Release Response. My goal was to find something easy to use that would ease physical symptoms and help people live fuller, more enjoyable lives. Reiki came to me during this time and was effective for pain relief and spiritual comfort for my patients. It was also instrumental in the growth of my own peace and confidence. Once I learned of The Emotion Code, I knew I had found something special. It was the technique I had been searching for. Hands down, the Emotion Code is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to remove trapped energies and bring physical, mental, and emotional relief in the least amount of time. And it’s such a wonderful way to help others!

What advice would you give to those that are new to practicing TEC?
Stay with it! I had some pretty wild sessions with myself and others when I began… In my mind I questioned its validity and effectiveness many times. After nearly a year of working with clients, reading Dr Bradley’s book repeatedly, reading the forums on Healer’s Library, and listening to the webinars, something shifted. Use these resources! Most importantly, as Dr Bradley has mentioned many times, believing you can do it is the most important thing you can do to do it successfully.

What are the differences between the Emotion Code and the westernized medical/drug industry?
Oh my! Again, having worked as a nurse, I can speak to this. A pill for this symptom and a pill for that one… A pill to counteract the side effects of the first pill, and then hospitalization for the toxic effects of multiple medications… And still no cure for the cause of the symptoms being treated with medications. That is what I love most about The Emotion Code. All is energy. The low vibrational energies we trap can and do have negative effects on our physical bodies. I read somewhere that we are meant to be clear sparkling streams, not scummy old ponds. Using the Emotion Code, we can clear the energies that block our streams, wash away the scum, and reestablish our natural sparkle.

Do you have a healing story using TEC that you could tell us about?
I have many! but will share this one: My left knee had been bothering me on and off for years. The pain was extreme pain and the swelling bothersome. Using The Emotion Code, I began clearing emotions related to this pain. Immediately after the first session, my knee stopped hurting. Then weeks later, it started hurting again. Again I cleared emotions until the pain went away. Two weeks after that, it began hurting again! Once more, I applied The Emotion Code. This time, however, the emotion was a psychic trauma involving shock and shame from an event at age 10, trapped in the gall bladder, which is energetically connected to the left knee.

The memory of the event immediately flashed in my mind of me tending my baby brother. He was only three months old and wouldn’t stop crying no matter what I did. Not knowing any better, I held him up and began shaking him. Our mother walked into the room at that moment, saw what I was doing, and understandably panicked. She took my brother from me and told me I could have killed him by shaking him. This release shook me to my core. The release was powerful. Since that time, (over six months ago) my knee has not had so much as a twinge of pain.

If you could tell the world about the Emotion Code in one sentence, what would you say?
The Emotion Code is the easiest, fastest and most effective way to remove trapped energies and bring physical, mental, and emotional relief in the least amount of time.

Where do you see the future of energy medicine headed?
Energy medicine is holistic medicine, taking into account every aspect of our being. People are realizing the value of this in greater numbers than ever before. Energy medicine is fast becoming the basis of health maintenance and disease prevention.

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Rates: $55/session
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Practitioner title: Sharon Weaver, BSN, Reiki Master/Teacher (RMT)