“I was blessed enough to be able to use The Emotion Code® on my newborn grandson, my daughter-in-law, and my son. The baby wasn’t eating well when he was brought home from the hospital. His mother was very stressed being a first time mom, and my son was overwhelmed. I asked their permission to do a session for each of them and thankfully, they agreed! The baby had two Trapped Emotions™ that he absorbed from his mom. My daughter-in-law had a tragedy involving an infant in her family a year ago, which made her adjustment to motherhood difficult. I removed the Trapped Emotions from her and within hours, she was calm and smiling, and the baby started eating better. My son was trying his hardest to keep everyone from worrying, but needed help emotionally himself. After his Emotion Code session, I could see that he truly was relaxed and very much in control and being the rock his family needed. The baby is still eating like a champion and gaining several ounces of weight.  In fact, he never even lost weight like many infants do after birth. I know The Emotion Code contributed so much to my family that day and I am forever grateful!”

~Jennifer C., Wyoming, USA

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