I’ve just begun using The Emotion Code to heal myself and my family. I anticipate many amazing experiences to come.
I have proven to myself that it works. I’d been suffering greatly after the recent passing of my father in May. His wife, my step-mom, has not contacted me since his death and it’s been a topic weighing me down for months.
I watched Dr. Bradley’s YouTube video on The Emotion Code and learned how to do the sway test. I asked if there were any trapped emotions keeping me from getting over my anger toward her. The answer was yes. I figured out that my anger was stemming from heartache which completely resonated with me. I was heart-broken that I had no one to share my grief with and I felt abandoned by her. I cleared that emotion and since then I’ve been able to pray for her with complete love and compassion without the underlying anger. I have only gratitude for her that she was able to be with my father in his final days and that’s he wasn’t alone.

~Lili M.