“When I first found an Emotion Code® practitioner, she released 22 trapped emotions from nine years earlier. I was in shock that she pinpointed every traumatic emotion. I lost my fiance and my best friend by someone pulling up to our engagement party the day before our wedding and firing a gun. I lost my 2 best friends and my future so you can imagine the emotions that I was holding on to, especially since I survived. I would always get a little upset talking about it, but miraculously I could speak of it with almost no emotion. It was like I was telling someone else’s story.

“After I’d done the Emotion Code, I felt it more than any other time. I have many more stories and situations when I could feel with just my present emotions and release them to get clarity. The Emotion Code has been a wonderful go-to tool to check in with myself and be able to let go. I’m very grateful.”

~ Alana D., British Columbia, Canada

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