“When I was a teenager, I wouldn’t talk to people. I was determined to be as invisible as possible just to get through high school. I did have a couple friends but mostly I didn’t want people to even know that I was in the room. They all seemed so vicious to me. Using The Emotion Code to test myself, I asked if needing to be invisible was something I still needed to deal with now, as high school is years behind me. It was! I released some trapped emotions causing this and an inability to clean my house. I found insecurity, effort unreceived, fear, and panic. The physical junk would sometime stack up around my house as a protective fort that my subconscious mind had built to protect who I am. I could clear it out but more would accumulate. I even asked why I couldn’t take down my Christmas tree and found a trapped emotion. I’d inherited “love unreceived” from seven generations back and cleared that. Oddly my brother also typically leaves his Christmas tree up until summer, so he probably inherited the same energy. It was all related to my need for protection from people in the past. Since I’ve released the trapped emotions, I’ve had a lot of healing in that area. I have learned how to talk to people so I can enjoy being with them and I’m gaining people skills!”

~Suzanne M.