“After my divorce nearly 13 years ago, I was starting to feel extremely hopeless about ever getting into another relationship. I never seemed to attract the right person, and any relationships I had over the last dozen years were very short-lived. I was unsatisfied in my current career, and had no idea where to even turn anymore. I found myself falling into a real slump and had no idea how to think optimistically anymore.

“When I found the Emotion Code®, I ordered the electronic version of the book and read it all in one afternoon. Since that time nearly two years ago, I have worked with four Emotion Code and Body Code practitioners, including one who removed my Heart-Wall®. Within a month of having my Heart-Wall removed, I met someone who I have been with for 10 months now, I got a new job that I love at the same company, I bought a new car, and we recently bought a house together! I couldn’t have possibly dreamt I would have attracted all these things I so desperately wanted until I did the energy work. I also noticed with previous Body Code work, I started to see physical symptoms dissipate and my night anxiety disappear!

“I strongly believe in this energy work, and have even learned the Emotion Code. I strongly recommend finding a practitioner if you are dealing with the inability to attract what you want in your life, have recurring hurdles and challenges in life, are dealing with addictions, or have chronic pains. I have read so many amazing testimonials and I am so happy to be providing one now.

Be patient with the results….it takes a bit of time, then one day it will just hit you what happened!”

~Allison Tymiak, Saskatchewan, Canada

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