“My father was visiting and he suffers from severe sinus problems and pain. He wasn’t enjoying his visit or his granddaughter much. I shared with my Mom and Dad that I knew the Body Code™ and wanted to help. By proxy I was able to clear trauma, anger, and allergies from him. The next morning when he woke up, he had more energy and cheer than I’ve seen in him in a very long time. He wanted to go out and see the town.

“I have also been able to use muscle testing by proxy to test foods (nuts and eggs) for my daughter that she was allergic to. It worked wonderfully. Over time I was able to clear the energies that were causing these allergies in her and she is no longer allergic to anything. I am working on the same for myself. I have cleared an almond allergy that I have had since I was 10.”

~Allison Seward, British Columbia, Canada

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