“I will always remember that wonderful day when Maria, my 81-year-old client, was healed. She barley shuffled into my office for her eighth Body Code™ session to work on removing chronic sciatica. It was heartbreaking to see the pain on her face and pain in her body. It was easy to notice that every step she took caused excruciating daggers of pain. About ten minutes into that session, she hollered out, “Oh my gosh, it’s GONE!” I said, “What’s gone?” She said, “MY PAIN!” That was music to my ears! We both laughed and cried at the same time.

“It was discovered that she’d had an Energy Saboteur. Sadly someone very close to her had put an energetic knife in her lower back ten years previous. Once it was removed, she was smiling, and it felt like she wanted to do a dance. She has been free of that pain ever since. The client, I have to say, is my favorite, as she is my mother. The healings I have witnessed are incredible! I love being the conduit through which people heal.”

~ Deborah A. Brewer, USA

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