“I had a Heart-Wall® 200 ft thick made of bubbles. I was trying to think of why. Bubbles are fun to play with, but you can suffocate from them. They are used in bubble wrap while shipping. Then I remembered when I told myself and others that I lived in a plastic bubble where I would pretend that everything was perfect, to escape being in a dysfunctional environment at home growing up.

“But the world isn’t a perfect place, and eventually that bubble of protection popped. It led to a total physical breakdown and I was unable to walk, talk, or move for much of my waking hours for over five years. I have gotten so much better through energy work. The Emotion Code® could have narrowed it down years ago, but I have had incredible learning from my challenge. So indeed, I did create a Heart-Wall of bubbles over 50 years ago.”

~Tammy Dormuth, British Columbia, Canada

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