“I was struggling to maintain a job after I graduated with a degree in mental health in 2014. I began to doubt my competency in my chosen career. In 2018, I was fired from my first official job after graduation. My boss would not give me new clients, and she would often ask me to do tasks and then get mad about how I completed the tasks so I was fired.

“It was then that I called on an amazing Body Code™ Practitioner from Colorado who helped identify a broadcast message. The broadcast message she discovered stated, “Don’t trust me” which was in conflict with my past experiences where people called me trustworthy, for I had never done anything untrustworthy in my job and did my best to meet the demands of each company and boss.

“We cleared this broadcast message and replaced it with a new message, “Trust yourself.” I felt more at ease having a broadcast message that was in line with who I was, and one that would not push people away. Within three months I was able to find a job, and have not had a problem doubting my competence in my chosen career.

“I am so grateful for the Body Code and all those who practice it.”

~April M., Utah, USA

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