“I was at a complete loss as to how to handle life and my messy financial situation. I was in so much desperation, feeling abandoned most of my life, and had so much shame that I was praying for death. I had lost any will to live, and though I am a jolly person by nature, it had become too painful on a day-to-day basis and I couldn’t see a way out.

“When an Emotion Code® Practitioner started to work on my Heart-Wall®, I immediately started to feel it. Even though the session was long distance, it felt like she was right there. My heart started to ache and I knew that some part of me was fearful of letting go of old patterns I had been used to having for too long. Pains would come and go in my heart and lower body. They were so bizarre that I knew it could only be energetic.

“Her working on my deep-seated shame and many, many other stuck emotions and patterns allowed me to get out of that deep, dark place within the session. The following day was filled with hope and perspective again. Within two sessions, she brought my Heart-Wall down.

“I am so grateful. Thank you Dr. Nelson for bringing this gift to the planet and teaching talented people who really can change people’s lives. I feel the change in mine. I have started a new, creative flow for business ideas and I feel I will be able to make something happen soon! Thank you.”

~ Alex D., New York, USA

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