“Chris was preparing for a job interview with the CEO of an international company. The role he was interviewing for was an important executive job. I offered to use the Emotion Code® to see if there were any trapped emotions we could release that would help him to feel more relaxed and confident. The interview lasted about an hour. When it was over I asked him how he felt.

“He said, ‘I always feel confident when I’m doing an interview, but this was the most confident I’ve ever felt. In fact, at the end of the call when the CEO asked me if I had any last questions for him, I said, ‘Now that we’ve had a chance to talk, what strengths do you see in me that make you think I’m right for the position and what concerns do you have?’ The CEO’s response was completely focused on the positive and we ended the call by him telling me that he wants to meet in person in two weeks.'”

~Jennifer Landon, Minnesota, USA

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