“I spent years severely depressed. I felt like I was stuck in a deep, heavy fog, as if a dark cloud followed me everywhere, making it hard to find any joy or energy in life. I tried everything I could to shake off this feeling—I took medications, tried meditation, spent ages in therapy, changed my diet, exercised a lot, and even experimented with extreme things like freezing baths and scorching hot showers. Some of these things gave me a little relief now and then, but the heavy feeling of depression just wouldn’t leave me alone. I thought this was how life would always be, just a constant struggle to make it through each day.

“One day, I stumbled upon the Emotion Code®, thinking to myself, ‘Could this really make a difference? I’ve exhausted every possible solution out there.’ Reluctantly, but at the insistence of a friend, I found myself attending a session with a practitioner—and that single session ended up transforming my life completely. After a session that shifted my experience with depression, I felt inspired to learn more. It’s not just about me—it’s about being able to offer help to others dealing with similar things.

“Today I am proud to say that I am a certified Emotion Code and Body Code™ practitioner, and about to become certified in the Belief Code® as well. Thank you, Dr. Nelson, for showing me how amazing life can be!”

~Mari Z., New York, USA

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