“After learning about your work using The Emotion Code® with animals, I decided to use it with my dog. He was super anxious and stressed out, particularly around cows in the neighboring field. He was frightened and usually barking madly at them from the fence-line. It occurred to me to use The Emotion Code. It was SO remarkable what happened. I cleared a number of Trapped Emotions (amazing just to identify what emotions my beloved dog was carrying inside of him!) and within 30 minutes of the session, I went outside looking for him. I found him laying down right next to the fence, happily licking the face of a cow through the fence! To other people that might sound like nothing, but to me that was a miracle, immediate and obvious proof of the power of The Emotion Code! 💫

“While I’ve studied various types of energy healing modalities over the past decade, using muscle testing, doing belief and emotion clearing work, your system resonates very much. So methodical, clear and easy.”

~Bernadette Logue, New Zealand

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