“In 2014, I demonstrated the Body Code™ to Wendy, who had been thrown from a horse when she was 16, landing on her neck and upper back. Twenty years had passed but her shoulder still hurt so much that its zero-to-10 intensity fluctuated between 8 and 10. Treatment over the years with acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and massage brought only temporary relief.

“At first I thought Wendy meant that her pain would disappear but then go back up to an 8 or 10, but she said no, it never went below an 8. I prayed that the Body Code could bring her pain’s intensity down to a 7 or maybe a 6 and began muscle testing her right arm, which wasn’t affected.

“We went immediately to offensive energies and the saboteur weapon. Muscle testing showed that the weapon was a knife and it was delivered by a first-grade classmate when she was 6 years old. I ran a magnet down Wendy’s back, hoping for a small improvement, but in less time than it takes to read this, Wendy realized that her pain had disappeared. She suddenly had full range of motion in her left arm and shoulder.

“A few days later I called Wendy for an update, and she replied in an email, ‘The pain in my shoulder continues to be gone and my mobility is amazingly better.’ In 2016, she wrote, ‘It’s been two years and I’m still amazed! Having my shoulder healed to this extent has been such a blessing in my life. My shoulder continues to hum along at a 1 or 2 for the most part, occasionally ramping up to a 3 or 4 when I’m under stress. I love telling the story of my saboteur weapon. Folks always get a kick out of it and find it fascinating.’

“Last November, eight years after our Body Code session, I checked with Wendy again. ‘My shoulder and I are doing well,’ she reported. ‘The discomfort still runs around a 1 or 2 most of the time with occasional flare-ups to 3 or 4, but I barely notice it these days. What a great outcome!'”

~CJ Puotinen, Montana, USA

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