“Six or seven years ago I read The Emotion Code® book and have been excited about learning and helping others and myself. I have grown in many ways. I am gentler on my body and do not drink or smoke as I once did (as a coping mechanism). I feel more connected to God and have had a desire to help others using this tool. My confidence is growing and I am seeing others open and with each trapped emotion that is released for someone, I feel that God would be happy people are getting healing because healed people heal people.

“My friend prayed to God to show me if I should do this or not, and to open doors or close them. A week later, my sisters surprised me with buying this certification program because they knew how much I loved it but would not go ahead and make the step to get certified because of money. (I have three children and another one on the way so spending money on myself seemed frivolous.) I am so happy I am in this program and hope I will be able to help people get the emotional healing they need to experience the freedom God has in store for them.”

~Emily Steffen-Finch, Florida, USA

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