“I have seen so many improvements in the lives of people and their pets using the Emotion Code®. People have had hip pain reduced or completely disappear. Dogs which had been limping for months walked normally again. Chronic nausea caused from stress subsided and situations became easier to handle. Neck and shoulder pain were eliminated. Chronic insomnia and circadian rhythm imbalances were straightened out within a day or two. Kidney conditions improved and brain fog lifted. Business decisions were easier to make instead of indecisive tendencies which had been slowing progress. There are too many to list. These results are all from sessions done on volunteers during the time of working toward getting my certification.”

~Lisa G., Massachusetts, USA

While Discover Healing can’t guarantee any specific results and submitted testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of any individual using the Emotion Code® or the Body Code™ for any particular issue or problem, published testimonials reflect these specific users’ experiences.